, Newburyport, MA

November 8, 2012

Amazing Kreskin comes to Salisbury

Mentalist will hand his paycheck over to audience to hide

By Alexandra Pecci Correspondent
Newburyport Daily News

---- — Not many people would hand over their earnings and volunteer to forfeit the paycheck unless they can find it hidden in a crowded theater. But that’s exactly what The Amazing Kreskin will do when he appears this weekend at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury.

Kreskin calls the trick one of the highlights of his performances.

“I will turn my check over to a committee of strangers from the audience who have never met me before,” he said. “I simply will ask the committee to think about what they done.”

The Amazing Kreskin is a legendary mentalist who’s been a fixture on late-night TV for decades, appearing with everyone from Johnny Carson to Jimmy Fallon.

And at age 77, he’s still crisscrossing the country week after week, year after year, for performances that wow crowds, revealing information about audience members that he couldn’t possibly have known. He even offers $1 million to anyone who can prove that he employs paid secret assistants in any phase of his program.

Despite his mind-bending talents, though, Kreskin insists that he’s not a fortune teller. Instead, he says he’s simply adept at focusing on and reading people’s thoughts, which is how he’s been able to find hundreds of hidden paychecks over the years.

“I knew what I wanted to do in my preteens,” he said. “I always had a sense of trying to tune in on other people’s thinking.”

Kreskin also promises a few post-Halloween frights for his Blue Ocean Music Hall performance — he says he will have a ghost sighting on stage for audience members of the spirit that haunts the building.

“It will be quite startling,” he predicts, remembering another show in which “one lady got so scared she ran out of the theater and ran two blocks down the street.”

Although Kreskin says he’s a mentalist, rather than a fortune teller, his Blue Ocean Music Hall performance comes on the heels of a post-election day appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” during which he revealed an election prediction that he made more than a year ago.

“All I can say is, ‘To be continued,’” he said cryptically, just days before the election.

It may be a disconcerting feeling to be in the presence of someone who purports to read minds, but Kreskin says he’s not constantly tuning in to what people are thinking. Instead, he needs to concentrate on doing it; and so do the people whose mind he is reading.

For instance, when he tries to figure out where someone will be on a certain date, that someone needs to know already; only then can Kreskin tune into their thoughts.

“They must know the answer,” he says. “If not, I am helpless.”

Yet when they do know the answer — like when he revealed the secret name of a pregnant woman’s unborn child or when he recited the exact WWII Army serial number of an audience member in Las Vegas — people are stunned and thrilled.

That’s why Kreskin says being a part of his show is such as fun and unique experience.

“People need to realize that when they’re coming to my program they’re not coming to watch a program the way they would when they’re watching a play,” he says. “They’re really an integral part of my program … they are what I’m working with because it’s their thoughts.”


What: The Amazing Kreskin

Where: Blue Ocean Music Hall, 4 Oceanfront North, Salisbury

When: Sunday at 7 p.m.

Cost: $25

Learn more: 978-462-5888 or