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January 4, 2013

Boomer Talk: The choices we make

We are called upon to make choices every day. I have chosen three to focus on in this column.


You may have noticed that some arguments are a waste of time. Things will not change, no matter what is said and, therefore, it’s useless energy expended. You get all worked up and your blood pressure rises. It’s not good for the health, so decide to let it go. But, you may want to put up a fight over certain principles, such as feeling mistreated by someone. You might fight back, up to a point, and then decide to back off, knowing you have at least expressed yourself.

Fighting with a loved one can be wearying when you are on opposite ends of a discussion. Round and round you go, with no one budging. In situations like this it is good to remember that old adage, “Do you want to be right, or do you want peace?” It is also helpful to consider if it is more important to the other person, or to you, to “win.” If you find you are not all that invested, it may be a good idea, for the sake of peace, to let them have their way, even if you both know you disagree. They will be happy with your generosity and may return the favor later.


We are confronted with choices of what to put into our bodies.

Some say meat is a poison. One of the latest foods to be thought detrimental to our health is our dearly desired sugar. We are asked now to eliminate all sugar found in processed foods, desserts, candy ... it is in just about everything. Chocolate is now in favor, but only if you have a tiny bit and it is dark and loaded with cacao.

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