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September 11, 2013

Tim's Tips:

Tim's Tips
Tim Lamprey

---- — Let me get you set up with a list of things that you should be doing at this time of the year.

Mice will be looking for a place to call home during the next few months. In past columns, I have told you about a product called Mouse Magic. This product is made up of packets that you put around your home in places where mice can enter. You can place the mice-repelling packets inside the bulkhead, near pipes that come into the house, any place where there are openings in the foundation, etc. Each packet is effective for 30 to 45 days. If you replace the packets each month from now until roughly mid-December, you will keep the mice from coming into your house.

Now is also the time to place Tick Tubes around your property. Many of you did this in the spring to help eliminate deer ticks in your yard. Now is the time to place the tubes in your yard to help eliminate another generation of ticks. This should be done sooner rather than later in order to get the best control of deer ticks.

If you have pulled up plants in your vegetable garden, don’t let that space go to waste. There are many types of vegetables that you can plant now for a fall harvest. We have seeds available, in the store, for many types of vegetables that you can and should be planting now.

Every fall, we get people coming into the store in late October, and they want to plant or repair a lawn. For the best success in getting a lawn seeded in the fall, you should have the seed put down by the end of September. If you wait until October, you run the risk of the ground freezing before the seed has time to get established. Don’t wait to get the seed down. Do it by the end of the month.

We have seen a lot of plants damaged by drought. Even though we have had some rain lately, it is critically important that you get water into the soil around your trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs that go into winter lacking sufficient moisture in the plant run a higher risk of being severely damaged or killed by the winter winds. If you look around your yard and calculate what it might cost to replace the bulk of your plants, you will quickly figure out that you had better invest some time in watering your plants.

Soon, it will be time to bring back inside any plants that you had outside for the summer. These plants can be home to insect pests whose numbers will skyrocket when you bring the plants back into your home. Before you bring the plants inside, be sure to treat the plants for insects. If you don’t, aphids, spider mites and mealy bugs and scale will most likely infect many of the plants that you have in your home.

Well, this should keep you busy this weekend. I’ll talk to you again next week.


Tim Lamprey is the owner of Harbor Garden Center on Route 1 in Salisbury. His website is Do you have questions for Tim? Send them to, and he will answer them in upcoming columns.