, Newburyport, MA

October 24, 2012

Man jailed after second attack on police

By Angeljean Chiaramida STAFF WRITER
Newburyport Daily News

---- — NEWBURYPORT — The man who assaulted a Salisbury police officer Friday afternoon will be spending the next six months in a Massachusetts jail, and when he gets out, he could be looking at more time behind bars in New Hampshire.

Jamie Liversidge, 33, currently of 11A Patridge Lane in Salisbury, but previously of 120 State St., Newburyport, pleaded guilty at his arraignment Monday on charges of assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and providing a false name to law enforcement.

Newburyport District Court Judge Peter Doyle sentenced Liversidge to six months in the house of correction for his assault on Salisbury officer Richard Dellaria and for the resisting arrest charge. Convictions on the charges of providing false identification and disorderly conduct were filed.

The sentence comes after Salisbury Police Chief Tom Fowler praised bystanders for going to Dellaria’s aid after Liversidge knocked him down during a simple traffic stop. At about 4 p.m. on Friday, Dellaria stopped Liversidge after he noticed him riding erratically on a bicycle along the northern end of Route 1. Asked for identification, Liversidge gave Dellaria the wrong name, which was called in for verification.

As Dellaria turned to go back, he noticed Liversidge attempting to hide something. When Dellaria called out, Liversidge charged him, knocking him down and grappling with him on the ground.

“They ended up rolling around on Route 1,” Fowler said. “That’s when people passing came to my officer’s aid.”

After one of the Good Samaritans used the radio in Dellaria’s cruiser to tell Salisbury dispatch that an officer needed assistance, officers from Seabrook also responded to the scene, as well as a Salisbury firefighter. Amesbury police were on the way to help before they got the call telling them all was in hand.

By the time Fowler got to the scene, Dellaria, with the help of the others, had the situation back under control and Liversridge in custody.

When told yesterday of Liveridge’s conviction and sentence, Fowler said he was pleased this man would be incarcerated and would not be on the streets to be a danger to the public or other officers.

This isn’t the first time Liversidge has been charged with causing injury to a law enforcement officer. Liversidge was indicted by a Rockingham County Grand Jury in 2009 on four felony counts related to an incident in August 2009 when a New Hampshire state trooper was alledgedly dragged by Liveridge’s car during a traffic stop.

According to the indictments, when Trooper James Downey pulled Liversidge over on Interstate 95 in Hampton Falls, Liversidge falsely identified himself. After Downey called him on it and attempted to arrest him, Liversidge sped off in his car, dragging the trooper with him for a short distance along I-95.

Downey freed himself without further incident, but Liversidge, who was living in Newburport at the time, was indicted and charged with escape for fleeing the scene during the arrest, reckless conduct for endangering the life of the trooper, leaving the scene of an accident and disobeying an officer. He has been wanted on those charges ever since.

When Salisbury learned of the outstanding New Hampshire warrants, they charged Liversidge with being a fugitive from justice. That charge was dismissed at Newburyport District Court on Monday because Liversidge was sentenced to jail.

Newburyport District Court officials will contact Rockingham County Superior Court officials to inform them of Liversidge’s conviction and sentence. Rockingham County officials can file a detainer against Liversidge, meaning he will not be released from the Middleton House of Correction without Rockingham County officials being notified should they want to execute the warrants and take him into custody for the outstanding charges.

According to the indictments, if convicted of the escaping charge, Liversidge could face a sentence of 7 1/2 to 15 years in prison. A conviction on the felony reckless conduct charge holds a possible 3 1/2- to seven-year sentence.