, Newburyport, MA

May 10, 2013

Three seek two seats on Rowley Board of Selectmen

By Michelle Pelletier Marshall

---- — ROWLEY — Three candidates are running for two seats on the Board of Selectmen: incumbent G. Robert Merry of 40 Warehouse Lane, John Noyes of 71 Plantation Drive and David Petersen of 25 Newbury Road. The election will take place on Tuesday with voting from noon to 8 p.m. at St. Mary’s Hall on Main Street.

G. Robert (Bob) Merry

Address: 40 Warehouse Lane

Age: 68

Education: Rowley elementary school, Haverhill High School, one year at Lowell University for electrical engineering

Years as a resident in town: Lifelong resident

Occupation: Retired from the Rowley Municipal Lighting Plant after 35 years of service

Past experience in town/school affairs: Since 1972, they include: cemetery commissioner, special police officer, assistant forest warden, cable TV committee, assistant wire inspector, Town Government Planning Committee, Board of Fire Engineers, DPW Consolidation Committee, Historical Commission, Rowley House Numbering Committee, Board of Selectmen, Library Building Committee, Community Preservation Committee, Historic District Commission, Bradstreet Land Use Committee and Zoning Review Committee.

Why do you seek a position as selectman? For the better part of the last 40 years, I have been actively involved in our town’s governance and have always fought for a responsible and effective town government. If re-elected to this position of selectman, I will continue this effort.

What would be your first goal on the board? I will continue to work and maintain the spirit of teamwork that has long been a hallmark of our community. Only by people working together and looking toward the future can we hope to achieve our goals that will work with and for the people of our town. My first goal will be to promote character — community — teamwork. Let’s work together to keep Rowley special.

Why should voters choose you? We live in a very special community, unique in its heritage and built on the strong character of its people. I am a candidate so that I may continue on the goal we have set in the area of cooperation among departments and fiscal responsibility. I want to bring my hard work and experience to the table for the important and difficult issues facing our town today and in the future.

John Noyes

Address: 71 Plantation Drive

Age: 68

Education: Wentworth Institute

Years as a resident in town: 44

Occupation: retired mechanical engineer, crew chief in the Vietnam War

Past experience in town/school affairs: Finance Committee member

Why do you seek a position as selectman? Changes are needed, and we have some key projects on the horizon that are of interest and concern to me. These include pushing through the building of the new water treatment plant in town and addressing the need for a new fire department to be built in town. There is a lot of money tied up in the water department project and we really need to watch the budget. If people really paid attention and knew more, they would be furious.

What would be your first goal on the board? I want to ensure the smooth construction of the water treatment plant to meet our January 2014 consent order deadline.

Why should voters choose you? I would listen carefully to all the details about the issues at hand, such as the need for a new fire station and discussions about the new water treatment plant, and work to make the best decisions for the residents of the town as far as safety and fiscal responsibility are concerned. My experience in the construction industry would prove useful in the oversight of these projects.

Dave Petersen

Address: 25 Newbury Road

Age: 67

Education: Master’s degree, Law Enforcement

Years as a resident in town: 40

Occupation: Part-time school bus driver, Triton and Pine Grove schools; retired lieutenant, Massachusetts State Police; retired communications manager, Boston University; Vietnam War veteran, U.S. Army

Town experience: Served as selectman for 7 years, current member of the Rowley Personnel Board

Why do you seek a position as selectman? In order to offer my many years of experience in life and town government, to assist the current board, to work as a leader in a cooperative manner, to bring stability to town government and taxpayers during these troubled times. In addition, my past experience in the town budget and personnel matters should be very helpful.

What would be your first goal on the board? My first goal is to help provide stability between the Board of Selectmen and other town boards to work efficiently and effectively for the benefit of all. Tight budgets will require a cooperative effort to maximize service to the community within the taxpayer funds made available.

Why should voters choose you? We have three good candidates running for two selectmen positions. I present my past experience on the Board of Selectmen, with five of those as chairman, to be very helpful in moving forward.