, Newburyport, MA

December 20, 2013

Odd Fellows install new officers

Newburyport Daily News

---- — NEWBURYPORT — Quascacunquen Lodge 39, IOOF, Odd Fellows of Newburyport, held their annual Installation of Officers on Nov. 21 at their quarters at the Masonic Center on Green Street.

The evening began with a roast sirloin banquet followed by the ceremony. The following officers were installed:

Noble Grand: Bro. Charles Henry Teague III; Vice Grand: Bro. Robert Charles Gaudet; Jun. Past Grand: Bro. Donald George Rogers PG, PDDGR; Secretary: Bro. Charles Henry Teague Jr. GSW, GMa-GL; Treasurer: Bro. Russell Sumner Hussey Jr. PG; Warden: Sis. Lou-Ann Ellen Bower; Conductor: Sis. Carol Alice Daigle PNG; Chaplain: Bro. Frank E. Gayton; RSNG: Bro. Edward Joseph Carroll; LSNG: Bro. Dwight Lewis Crow PG, GG-GL; RSVG: Bro. Kenneth Richard Bower PG; LSVG: Bro. Clayton Lawrence Dearth; RSS: Bro. Francis Arthur Daigle; LSS: Sis. Jean Natalie Chase PNG; Inside Guardian: Bro. Gary Nicholas Lattime; Outside Guardian: Sis. Claire Joanne Lattime; Color Bearer: Bro. Lawrence Robert Bograd; musician (bagpipes): Bro. Robert Lindsay MacNeill; musician (organ): Bro. Chandler Holmes Noyes; electrician: Bro. John William Palmquist PG; Treasurer Emeritus: Bro. Herbert Clark Hammond PG.

Also installed at this time was Bro. Donald George Rogers PG as assistant secretary and Bro. John William Palmquist PG as assistant treasurer.

The Installing Officers were as follows: District Deputy Grand Master: Bro. Glover Bassett Preble Jr. Past Grand Master; D. D. Grand Warden: Bro. Frank F. Fielding PG, PCP; D. D. Grand Secretary: Bro. Frank E. Gayton, Grand Master; D. D. Grand Treasurer: Bro. Francis M. Latanowich, Grand Warden; D. D. Grand Chaplain: Bro. Dwight Lewis Crow, Grand Guardian; D. D. Grand Marshal: Bro. Charles H. Teague Jr., Grand Marshal.

The lodge is proud to have four of its members on the Grand Lodge of Mass. Board of Officers this term. Associate member Bro. Frank E. Gayton is the Grand Master of Mass. and associate member Bro. Edward Joseph Carroll is the Grand Herald. From Q-39, Bro. Dwight Lewis Crow serves as the Grand Guardian and Bro. Teague Jr. as the Grand Marshal.

It has been 154 years since a Newburyport member was on the Grand Lodge Board. Bro. Charles Henry Teague Jr., Grand Senior Warden of the Grand Encampment of Mass., will become Grand Patriarch in March of 2014.

Grand Marshal Teague Jr. has also been elected a trustee of the Odd Fellows’ Home in Worcester. The 100-bed facility is the pride of Mass. Odd Fellowship and a wholly owned enterprise of the Grand Lodge of Mass. Odd Fellowship also offers a uniformed military branch of membership known as the Patriarch’s Militant. Grand Master Gayton, with the rank of major serves as the Battalion Commander of Mass. and Capt. Teague Jr. serves as the Department Chaplain of the Patriarch’s Militant of Southern New England.

Bro. Teague Jr. noted that it was only 10 years ago when the Odd Fellows of Newburyport were down to 10 members and only three were active. They are now growing again and have just shy of 50 members. He also stated that the lodge is very active in local charitable needs, as well as state and national works. The Odd Fellows are one of the country’s largest supporters of arthritis.

Newly installed Noble Grand of the lodge, Bro. Charles Henry Teague III is the third generation of Charles Henry Teagues to hold this honorable position in the lodge. Bro. Charles Henry Teague Sr. PDDGM, held the office in 1957 and two terms after that. Bro. Charles Henry Teague Jr. GSW, GMa, held the office in 1963 and four terms after that. Yes, there is a Teague IV, and he says that he cannot wait to grow up and become Noble Grand of the lodge.