, Newburyport, MA

December 23, 2013

Suspect arrested in theft

Accused of stealing $200,000 worth of merchandise

By Dave Rogers
Staff Writer

---- — AMESBURY β€” A Haverhill man accused of stealing almost $200,000 worth of merchandise from the local company he worked for is scheduled to be arraigned today in Newburyport District Court, two days after he turned himself in to local police.

Steven Allen Bateman, 25, of 52 Moody, No. 1, was charged with 16 counts of nighttime breaking and entering, malicious destruction of property more than $250, larceny from a building and a previous warrant for a crime spree that lasted from September until November. Bateman is also likely to be charged with 16 counts of receiving stolen property by Haverhill police, according to Amesbury police Detective Sean Leary.

Bateman, who worked at Designwerk Inc., located inside the Boston North Tech Park, stole aluminium casings used to cool electronic components earmarked for electric buses. Bateman would then sell the casings, worth $1,200 and weighing about 80 pounds each, to a Haverhill salvage yard. Leary estimated Bateman stole $194,865 worth of aluminum casings before being caught.

Security footage from the plant showed Bateman using a key to gain access to the plant, mostly in the early morning hours, on more than a dozen occasions. Bateman walked off the job for unknown reasons on Oct. 29 but held on to the key and continued to steal aluminum casings. The alleged thefts began in September and ended Nov. 11, according to Leary.

β€œHe’s been doing this for a while,” Leary said, adding Bateman was not authorized to have the key he allegedly used to gain entry.

With video surveillance footage and past complaints from his employers as evidence, Leary issued an arrest warrant for Bateman and offered him the choice of turning himself in to police or being picked up. Bateman opted to visit the police station, where he was placed under arrest, according to Leary.

Asked why Bateman would steal the hefty casings and then sell them, Leary said he simply wanted the money.