, Newburyport, MA

December 23, 2013

Santa's Christmas Eve ride through Merrimac

Newburyport Daily News

---- — MERRIMAC — Each year since the early 1950s, Santa and his team of reindeer have made their way through the streets of Merrimac on Christmas Eve. The annual route will start from the fire station at 4 p.m. and will follow this route:

First half:

Fire station, West Main Street, Gabriel Avenue, Nancy Ann Avenue, West Main Street, Greenleaf Park, West Main Street, Whittier Circle, West Main Street, Westminster Road, West Main Street, Gunnison Drive, Noyes Lane, Chase Crescent, Stevens Terrace, West Parish, Clement Place, Stevens Terrace, Case Crescent, Noyes Lane, Gunnison Drive, West Main Street, Trailer land, West Main Street, Homestead Street, Brandy Brow Road, Heath Road, Heathbrook Estates, Heath Road, Birch Meadow Road, West Main Street, Birch Meadow Road, Hadley Road, West Hadley Road, Wentworth Drive, Route 108, West Hadley Road, Farrington Field Road, Hadley Road, Equestrian Way, Hadley Road, Highland Road, Battis Road, Highland Road, Brush Hill Road (to Ashley), Ashley Road, Brush Hill (to Highland), Highland Road, Harriman Road, Red Oak Acres, Harriman Road, Brush Hill Road, Moon Lit Road, Brush Hill Road, Bear Hill Road, Madison Drive, Bear Hill Road, Lakewood Heights, West Shore Road, Bear Hill Road (to West Shore), West Shore Road, Colgan Road, Alnette Road, Bear Hill Road, Lanes Ten Acres, Shore Road, Lanes Ten Acres, Bear Hill Road, Spencer Way, Bear Hill Road, East Main Street, Fire Station.

Second half:

Fire station, East Main Street, Veterans Avenue, East Main Street, North Shore Trailer Park, East Main Street, Attitash Avenue, Hillside Avenue, Merrimac Avenue, Fern Avenue, Meadow Avenue, Attitash Avenue, East Main Street, County Road, Pleasant View, Emery Street, Lisa Circle, Sharon Circle, Wendy Way, Emery Street, Burnside Lane, Dunvegan Drive, Burnside Lane, Emery Street, Timothy Street, Glen Road, Champion Street, Timothy Streeet, Emery Street, Sunset Terrace, Middle Road, River Road, Broad Street, South Pleasant Street, High Street, Broad Street, River Road, Amesbury Line Road, Merrimac Street, Little Pond Road, Spring Hill Road (second entrance), Little Pond Road, Merrimac Street, Valley Street, Mythical Street, Merrimac Street, River Road, Locust Street, Locust Grove Avenue, Colonial Drive, Locust Grove Avenue, Locust Street, Pleasant Street, Bartlett Street, Broad Street, East Main Street, Mill Street, School Street, Merrivillage, Middle Street, Locust Street, Walnut Street, School Street, Green Street, Locust Street, West Main Street, Square, School Street, Central Street, Green Street, Locust Street, Adams Street, Union Street, Currier Avenue, West Main Street, Orchard St, Grove Street, Forest Street, West Main Street, Woodland Street, Grove Street, Forest Street, West Main Street, Woodland Street, Grove Street, Square, East Main Street, Liberty Street, Mechanic Street, Church Street, Prospect Street, Winter Street, Lincoln Street, Summer Street, Vendome Street, Woodland Street Ext., Winter Street, Nichols Street, Sawyer Street, Pine Street, Church Street, Maple Street, Sawyer Street, Abbott Street, Church Street, Nichols Street, Winter Street, Church Street, Hansom Drive, Landau Drive, Hansom Drive, Church Street, Willowdale Lane, Church Street, Fire Station.

Santa’s route may be followed live online at