, Newburyport, MA

March 12, 2014

Incumbents take selectmen's race in Seabrook

Old South Meetinghouse passes; ladder truck fails


---- — SEABROOK — Selectmen Aboul Khan and Ray Smith will retain their seats on the Board of Selectmen, with an approved budget to work with, and voters also gave the 250-year old Old South Meetinghouse an early birthday present by agreeing to pay for a face lift for the local landmark which had fallen on hard time.

Khan, who will assume his third term on the board, said he was very grateful to voters for entrusting him with another three years.

“I want to express my thanks to the great residents of Seabrook for taking the time to vote,” Khan said. “I want to especially thank the young voters who came to vote for the first time. I want to proclaim that the better days in Seabrook are ahead of us and we will work together to achieve our great destiny.”

Smith, who will take his seat for the next two years, also was very grateful last night when the tallies were read out at the Community Center.

“I appreciate all the residents of Seabrook for their support and trust in me in this election,” Smith said. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Although voters were generous in approving articles that related to human services organizations, equipment to support youth athletic programs, the purchase of library books, and refurbishing the Fire Station, they turned down some big-ticket items, like a hoped-for fire engine/ladder truck, backhoes, sidewalk plows and a new generator for Town Hall.

At press time, Seabrook and Winnacunnet school districts warrants were not completely tallied. However, it appeared Maria Y. Brown and Mike Kimball had earned seats on the Seabrook School Board over incumbent Michael Chase. And voters approved full-day Kindergarten, as well as the Seabrook School district budget.

Clint Allen Felch was the top voter-getter over Frances Henderson in Seabrook to represent the town on the Winnacunnet School Board, but results from Hampton Fall, North Hampton and Hampton are needed before that race is final.


SELECTMEN (3-year seat): Winner: Aboul Khan

SELECTMEN (2-year seat): Winner: Ray Smith

Article 2: Village District zoning on Route 1, north PASS

Article 3: Amend zoning Section 8 PASS

Article 4: Amend zoning Section 6 PASS

Article 5: 2014 Town Operating Budget PASS

Article 6: Fund 22 service organizations PASS

Article 7: Fund Rockingham County Action PASS

Article 8: Fund Seacoast Youth Services PASS

Article 9: Transfer $1 million from stabilization fund PASS

Article 10: Fund repairs to harbor pilings PASS

Article 11: Purchase library books PASS

Article 12: Fund repairs to fire station PASS

Article 13: Fund new fire station dispatch center FAIL (by one vote)

Article 14: Purchase fire engine/ladder truck FAIL

Article 15: Purchase backhoe for Water Dept. FAIL

Article 16: Fund rehab of town wells PASS

Article 17: Purchase mapping system/Water Dept. PASS

Article 18: Purchase groundwater management system PASS

Article 19: Fund street improvements//DPW PASS

Article 20: Purchase sidewalk plow/DPW FAIL

Article 21: Purchase backhoe/DPW FAIL

Article 22: Purchase plow truck/DPW FAIL

Article 23: Purchase tractor/DPW FAIL

Article 24: Resurface cemetery roads FAIL

Article 25: Expand Gov. Weare Park PASS

Article 26: Purchase truck/Sewer Dept. FAIL

Article 27: Paving at Sewer Dept. FAIL

Article 28: Purchase back-up switches/Sewer Dept. PASS

Article 29: Replace generator at Community Center PASS

Article 30: Equipment for Community Center playground PASS

Article 31: Replace Town Hall generator FAIL

Article 32: Purchase document management system FAIL

Article 33: Purchase licensing for computer software FAIL

Article 34: Restore cemetery monuments PASS

Article 35: Fund transportation for Council on Aging PASS

Article 36: Fund repairs for Old South Meetinghouse PASS

Article 37: Modify elderly exemption PASS

Article 38: Allow fireworks on private beach property FAIL

Article 39: Reserved parking for residents at the beach PASS

Article 40: Fund Community Home Solutions PASS

Article 41: New dugouts for Weare Park PASS