, Newburyport, MA

October 9, 2013

Hydrant flushing times changed in West Newbury

Newburyport Daily News

---- — WEST NEWBURY — The West Newbury Water Department started its fall hydrant flushing on Saturday night, Oct. 5, and had planned to flush for the following two weeks through Oct. 18.

However, due to conflicting flushing schedules with the City of Newburyport, the West Newbury flushing schedule will be pushed back one week.

No flushing will take place for the remainder of this week, and no flushing will be scheduled on weekends or on Columbus Day.

On Tuesday, Oct. 15, daytime flushing will commence on secondary roads located on the south side of Route 113 and gradually move to the north side later that week or the beginning of the following week and continue through Friday, Oct. 25, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Flushing hydrants will cause the water to become discolored as sediment is removed from the system, and customers may experience intervals of low water pressure, as well.

Starting on Tuesday, residents should refrain from using water as much as possible and only plan on washing laundry during the evening hours, after 6 p.m. when flushing is not scheduled. Continue to wash laundry in the evening until Friday, Oct. 25, when flushing will be completed.

Before doing laundry, residents are advised to run the cold water to make sure it runs clear. Try to avoid using bleach whenever possible, as it will cause the iron and manganese to permanently stain clothes.

If rust does stain clothing, do not machine dry. A product called Iron Out that will help take the stain out during washing is available at the Water Department office.

For more information, contact the Water Department at 978-363-1100, ext. 127.