, Newburyport, MA

October 12, 2013

Newburyport District Court

Newburyport Daily News

---- — NEWBURYPORT: The following trials were recorded Oct. 8 at Newburyport District Court with Judge Allen Swan presiding:

Michael Brown, 32, 22 Seabrook Road, Salisbury; failure to register as a sex offender; continued without finding, defendant must comply with court regulations, costs, $200, Victim-Witness Fund (VWF), $50 (Salisbury).

Richard Foster, 56, 64 Bean Road, Merrimac; driving under the influence of alcohol, fifth offense, one year in house of correction, sentence suspended with two years probation, $1,000 fine, $250 Head Injury Fund (HIF), $50 OUI-victim fund, $50 OUI fine; operating motor vehicle with suspended license, 10 days in house of correction, concurrent with earlier sentence (Salisbury).

Aaron Johnson, 36, 127 How St., Haverhill; assault and battery, domestic, jury trial, not guilty (Newburyport).

James Brittan, 18, 21 Philips Drive, Newburyport; possession of liquor under the age of 21, continued without finding for nine months, $50 in court costs, $50 VWF, must attend two AA meetings per week (Newburyport).

Hans Muehlain, 33, 10 Chapel St., Newburyport; keeping a noisy and disorderly house, $100 fine, $50 VWF, $25 court costs (Newburyport).

Jennifer Harwood, 36, 98 Forrest Road, Salisbury; assault and battery with deadly weapon, domestic, pretrial probation for one year (Salisbury).

The following trials were recorded Oct. 7 at Newburyport District Court with Judge Peter Doyle presiding:

Matthew Cupan, 31, 12 Grand Ave., Haverhill; assault and battery on ambulance personnel, admission to facts, continued without finding for nine months; must write letter of apology, must seek care for medical condition (Newbury).

Kylie Grelle, 19, 25 First St., Salisbury; drug possession, Class A (heroin), pretrial probation for six months, must enter drug-diversion program (Newburyport); in a separate incident involving drug possession, the defendant was sentenced for conspiracy to violate laws relating to drugs. She was given pretrial probation, to run concurrently with earlier sentence (Salisbury).

Jeremiah McCarthy, 50, 35 True Road, Salisbury; assault and battery (domestic) pretrial probation, no abuse of victim (Salisbury).

Stacie Pini, 38, 162 Beach Road, Amesbury; possession of Class B drug (methadone) dismissed upon request of commonwealth (Amesbury).