, Newburyport, MA

November 6, 2013

Trash collection rules to be strictly enforced


---- — WEST NEWBURY — The Board of Health announced this week that the town’s two-barrel weekly trash limit will be strictly enforced. The limit was adopted as part of a Waste Reduction program in January 2010.

Each household is allowed to place up to two 32-gallon trash barrels or the equivalent curbside for pickup each week, but recently some residents have been putting out larger, 64-gallon barrels instead. As a result, the town’s trash tonnage in the past three months is up from last year by 45 tons, according to a spokesperson from the health department.

The health board’s stricter enforcement plan also means each barrel is not to exceed 50 pounds or else trash in that barrel will not be picked up.

There is no limit to the amount of recycled material that is allowed curbside. However, any visible recyclable materials — such as corrugated cardboard, glass and metal — that are placed at the curb on non-recycling weeks will not be picked up.

Items that can be co-mingled in recycling bins curbside include newspapers, magazines, catalogues, paperback books, office paper, junk mail (even with windows), cereal boxes, cardboard that is broken down to 3-by-3 feet, phone books, clear and colored bottled glass, steel, tin and aluminum cans, and plastics # 1-7.

Styrofoam and plastic bags are not allowed in the recycle bins. To accommodate additional recyclables, residents may purchase additional bins or recycling stickers to place on a standard trash barrel from the Board of Health. Households using regular trash barrels or similar containers for recycling should clearly mark them with the word “RECYCLE” and place them a minimum of 6 feet away from other barrels holding trash to avoid confusion during collection.

For a complete list of acceptable and non-acceptable items as well as a recycle calendar, visit For more information regarding the Waste Reduction program, call the Health Department at 978-363-1100, ext. 118 or 119.