, Newburyport, MA

November 9, 2013

Newburyport building permits

Newburyport Daily News

---- — NEWBURYPORT – The following is the September list of building permit recipients, contractors when applicable, property addresses, job descriptions and cost of the planned improvements.

Shippen, 17 Summer St., remodel bathroom on 2nd floor and remodel bedroom, $10,700

Holloran, 8 Washington St., complete kitchen remodel, $53,000

Verspyck/Scott, 55 Boardman St., structural floor reinforcement of 55 Boardman Street, $16,600

Landry, 2 Adams St., support existing roof, replace footing, structural, decking and railings, $2,000

Whitney, 6 Stickney Ave., install three picture windows, $1,200

O’Keefe, 92 Lime St., strip and re-roof garage, $600

Clemens/2 Penn, 26 Jefferson St., strip and re-roof, $6,000

Chase, 22-24 Ashland St., construct second floor addition with complete rehab of interior, including new roof, $175,000

Mcleod/Webb, 4 Columbus Ave,, strip and re-roof, $4,000

Corsitti/Danusis, 126 Merrimac St., fill in second floor opening to Unit 29, $3,000

Nolan/Kelleher, 43-45 Green St., convert linen closet to a 3/4 bathroom, $10,000

Klein/Gonyea Construction, 11 Quail Run Hollow, remove existing deck of porch leaving roof, reconstruct the deck with two sets of stairs, $4,952

Masia/Atlantic Weatherization, LLC, 3 Moulton St., proper venting, four roof vents in attic, blown-in insulation

Leighton/Meaney, 4 Whitcomb Lane, due to mold in attic, main roof to come off and rebuild to a sharper pitch including porch and living room addition with proper venting, $20,000

Gunnard, 27 57th St., strip and re-side, $6,000

O’Toole/Erb, 24 Prospect St., complete renovation of a 3/4 bathroom, $7,320

Advantage Property Management/Bean, 18 Essex St., replace siding on driveway-side of house, $12,492

Mahoney/Bach Builders, 52-56 State St., in-store small café adjoining bookstore, includes 2 bathrooms and kitchen with dining area, $140,000

Dan LeBlanc, 5 Moulton St., construct front entry porch, $3,000

Ragusa, 59 Bromfield St., contractor to remodel with an addition on rear, $310,000

Witherington/Graf, 78 Middle St., add rear A-frame for full bath, remodel kitchen, second floor to master bedroom, $345,000

Smith/Becker, 4 Maple St., restore free-standing garage, $17,000

Chase Lunt Ins/Castagna, 65 Parker St., Unit 6, contractor to do interior demo and office fit-up, $500,000

McDougall/Murphy, 297 Merrimac St., install 17 replacement windows, $7,900

Misita/Chamberlin, 30 Rawson Ave. contractor to construct a shed, $5,000

Martin, 11 Spofford St., kitchen remodel, removing one bath, add two baths first and second floor, $35,000

Torris, 384 High St., contractor to strip and re-roof, $7,800

O’Brien/Greaney, 39 Olive St., owner to remove in-ground swimming pool, $5,340

Rogers/Pella Windows, 126 Merrimac St., Unit 23, contractor to install four windows, $8,000

Farrell, 34 Moulton St., owner to close up carport for 3/4 bath and bedroom, $26,000

Johnson/Piperfine Carpentry, 20 Parker Ridge Way East, contractor to renovate bath, $6,855

Colomycki/Kilkelly, 7 Goldsmith Drive, contractor to strip and re-roof, $5,000

Smallman, 20 Highland Avenue, complete kitchen remodel, install 12 windows and one door, $15,400

Calapiz/Thomsen, 26 Washington St., contractor to convert 1/2 bath to 3/4 bathroom, $13,853

City of Newburyport/Sunbug Solar, 1 Crow Lane, contractor to install 4 solar panels at municipal location, $6,225

Sciuto, 2 Lancaster Road, add 2-story addition to rear of home and add a second story on existing one-story, $91,600

Pituck/Langan, 44 Marlboro St., remodel bathroom with laundry room, $9,364

Sherman/Martin, 21 Market Square, install two new window sashes, $1,500

Filipancic/Ingalls, 51 Hill St., support porch roof and rebuild existing structure underneath including footings, $6,250

Xenelis, 9 Charles St., construct deck off rear of unit 1, $3,000

Johnston/2 Penn, 19 Elm St., strip and re-roof, $7,500

Palm/Atlantic Weatherization LLC, 37 Pond St., air sealing and blown-in wall insulation, $1,200

Kuzmitski/2 Penn, 36 Olive St., strip and re-roof garage and 2 bump outs, $1,800

Brig Leland, 8 Avon Avenue, construct entry deck and 1 rear. In sunroom install four slider windows and three fixed windows. Add two lallies in cellar, $4,370

Croll/Lowes, 13 Munroe St., complete kitchen remodel, $10,739

Savaniwa/Hughes, 71 Middle St., square off building converting a 2-family to a single, add one story mud room, screen porch, complete interior remodel, $133,000

TD Bank/M Holland & Sons, Construction, 51 State St., remove walls, rebuild to create vestibule and conference room, $60,000

TD Bank/CCI Building Restoration Inc., 51 State St., install three skylights, $7,000

Kennedy/Kilkelly, 15 Kent St., strip and re-roof front and main roof, $10,000

Racine/Morrison, 28 Oakland St., install (approximate 22 sq. ft.) of vinyl siding and one bay window, $22,000

Cullinane/Perry Brothers Construction, 88 Federal St., structurally reframe for two windows, $4,250

Newfell/Star Touch Property Services, 10 Orange St., bathroom remodel, $8,350

Hubbard/Perry Brothers Construction, 26 Allen St., install new door from second floor living room to new deck onto previous carriage house, $14,330

Mahan/Atlantic Weatherization LLC, 28 Virginia Lane, air sealing and blown-in insulation to attic, $2,100

Pallastrino/Atlantic Weatherization LLC, 39 Munroe, St., air sealing attic and cellar, weather strip, doors and blow-in wall insulation, $2,400

Wolkovich, 4 Wilkinson Drive, remove in-law apartment convert to a bedroom and full bath to be remodeled to 3/4 bath, remove window and install egress door, $5,000

Strem Chemical/SPEC Process Engineering & Const. Inc., 6 Mulliken Way, interior build-out for lab and storage including roofing, HVAC, electrical and sprinklers, $600,000

Spaulding, 34 Munroe St., install two doors to home, one garage entry door, two garage doors, insulate, sheet-rock, install three windows in garage, $25,725

Westerman/Himeon, 9 Horton St., replace 13 windows and one door, $9,000

Doherty, 13 Purchase St., install four replacement windows, $6,920

Hazeltine/Hazeltine Jr., 10 Oak St., construct 2-story addition on rear of home with complete remodel of existing home to include 2-car, 1 1/2 story detached garage, $260,000

Gabriel/Bilodeau, 1 Lt. Leary Drive, construct a 1 1/2 story addition to include farmers porch, mudroom, 2-car garage, side deck attached to new family room with full bath and walk-in closet, $157,000

Seeley, 8 Adams St., remove deck and reconstruct new one, $2,500

Wright, 24 Hancock St., complete remodel of a single family, addition of one story, and two-story addition includes 1 1/2 story detached studio, $456,800

Drouin, 36 Myrtle Avenue, complete remodel of kitchen with addition of window, $9,600

Smith/Castricone Roofing, 271 Merrimac St., Unit 1, strip and re-roof, $7,960

Reap/Ingalls, 21 Collins St., construct 2-story addition entry for house and cellar, remodel first and second floors, $46,000

Reap/Ingalls, 23 Collins St., complete interior remodel including entry, cellar stairway/3/4 bath, construct 2 1/2 story for mudroom/bedroom, third floor bedroom/bath, $305,000

Carney/Goodness/Horton Contractor, 189 High St., Unit 1, remodel side entry with new door and remodel two, second floor bathrooms, $76,550

Smith/Cory Rousseau Roofing Contractor, 76 Turkey Hill Road, strip and re-roof, $4,800

Brink/Brown, 88 Lime St., go over existing siding with vinyl siding, $26,700

Nikotic/Dodge & Dodge, 93 High St., strip and re-roof, $3,900

Montoya/2 Penn, 151 Merrimac St., strip and re-roof (amendment to include re-sheathing front and back cost $4,350), $11,150

Plante/DLM Remodeling, 289 High St. install 34 wooden aluminum clad replacement windows, $21,590

21 Cherry St Realty Trust/Redco Construction, 21 Cherry St., demolition of a single family, $10,000

Bourque, 15 Tyng St., interior exploratory demolition, $1,000

Harris, 164 State St., exploratory demolition, $850

Kucinski/Britton Construction Inc., 12 75th St., contractor to demo 2 1/2 story dwelling, $10,000

Rochester Electronics/Sign Center, 10 Malcolm Hoyt Road, install a wall sign, $1,500

Raybeam Inc./Blue Pond Signs, 15 Green St., install a wall sign, $1,000

Chart House Dev. LLC/Reddy, 2 Mechanics Court, install foundation for a 4-unit multi-family, $24,000

Chart House Dev. LLC/Reddy, 2 Mechanics Court, install a foundation for a 5-unit residential building, Building B, $22,000

2 Mechanics Ct LLC/Reddy, 2 Mechanics Court, Building C, install foundation and move existing barn to be placed on a foundation, $22,000

Smith, 3 North Atkinson St., construct 1.5 story detached garage (16’ x 24’), $12,700

Northbridge Companies/Howell, 4 Wallace Bashaw Way, construct a 2-story assisted living facility with front entry 1-story, $6,940,955

21 Cherry St Realty Trust Reddy, 21 Cherry St., construct a 2-family (2 1/2) story with attached garages in-between, $300,000

Kucinski/Britton Construction, Inc., 12 75th St., construct a 2-story single family, $579,000

Heath/Hazeltine, 12 Cushing Ave., construct a single family, 2 1/2 story with farmer’s porch, $410,000

Doughtry/Port City Rentals, 25 Water St., erect temporary tent, $3,200

Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce/A Tent For Rent, 190 Merrimac St., tent on Cashman Park, $2,394

Morse, 442 Merrimac St., owner to install a wood stove, $3,000

O’Neil, 37 Elmira Avenue, install a pellet stove, $2,500