, Newburyport, MA

April 17, 2014

Police, school officials fill list of highest-paid employees

Newburyport Daily News

---- — NEWBURYPORT — Police Marshal Thomas Howard was the highest paid city employee in calendar year 2013 with a total package of $166,720, according to municipal records.

City officials released the salaries of city employees, which are public record, at the request of The Daily News.

The most recent list, which is for 2013, includes several top earners who are no longer employed by the city.

For instance, Superintendent of Schools Marc Kerble left his position last fall but is listed with a salary of $164,125. Superintendent of Schools Susan Viccaro now is paid $166,000, making her the second leading earner.

In another example of a highly paid employee no longer with the city, former Fire Chief Stephen Cutter is shown to have made $164,779, though he retired before the end of the year.

Accountants listed his salary for the part of the year he worked as $83,873. He also received $29,339 in income listed as “retirement eligible,” which means remuneration for extra tasks. Records show he also took in $51,566 in “non-retirement” money, which relates to unused sick time and vacation.

Several police officers are no longer with the force. Sgt. Al Maguire and Sgt. Mike Finnegan retired, and Sgt. Stephen Chaisson has left the department.

Fire Chief Christopher LeClaire, who replaced Cutter, earns $120,000 per year in straight salary.

Regarding the Police Department, city officials say that many officers earn in the $60,000-$80,000 range, but their totals can be more than the stated salary because they work overtime and independent details.

Several police officers earned significant amounts of overtime pay, including Chaisson ($34,214); William Steeves ($24,768); Richard Thurlow ($24,252); and Barry Salt ($24,032) — sums that are in addition to salary.

Mayor Donna Holaday earned $85,000 (plus a $3,000 stipend) in 2013, but this year makes $98,000 due to changes brought forth by the new city charter. High school Principal Michael Parent earned $119,933, while assistant School Superintendent Angela Crofford-Bik made $114,461 and Bresnahan Principal Kristina Davis’ salary was $101,910.

Other top earners with the school department include Tara Rossi, principal at Molin ($99,800), Michael Testa, associate principal at the high school ($99,560), and Elizabeth Raucci, principal at the Nock Middle School ($99,070).

Stephen Bradbury, deputy fire chief, is listed as making $107,038.

Tony Furnari, director of the Department of Public Services, earned $101,000 in salary and $4,350 in extra remuneration for a total of $105,350.


The following is a list of the city’s 10 most highest-paid municipal employees for calendar year 2013. Totals include overtime in some cases. Some salaries include retirement eligible payments (extra responsibilities) and non-retirement payments (such as payment for unused vacation and/or sick days).

1. Police Marshal Thomas Howard $166,720

2. Supt. of Schools Susan Viccaro $166,000

3. Retired fire Chief Stephen Cutter $164,779

4. Police Sgt. Stephen Chaisson $143,987 (includes $34,214 in overtime)

5. Police Sr. Lt. Richard Siemasko $130,906 ($26,934 overtime)

6. Police Inspector Michael Sugrue $121,613 ($13,885 in overtime)

7. Fire Chief Christopher LeClaire $120,000

8. High School Principal Michael Parent $119,933

9. Police Lt. Mark Murray $118,838 ($10,822 overtime)

10. Asst. Supt. Angela Crofford-Bik $114,461