, Newburyport, MA

March 18, 2013

Real estate transactions

Newburyport Daily News


7 Albion St.: Patrick J. and Timothy R. Creamer to Albert F. and Cheryl E. Bonaiuto, $310,000

5 Claire Road: Giulietta LLC to Linda Sanchez, $232,500

114 Elm St.: Deborah Gott and Kenneth March to Cynthia Taibbi, $273,000

233 Elm St., Unit 3: Brandy N. Wessant and Joseph Perusse to Stephen and Amy Dewey, $80,000

99 Friend St.: Friend Street Realty Trust and Eugene R. Lucier to MW Dev LLC, $50,000

101 Friend St.: Lucier Realty Trust and Eugene R. Lucier to 101 Friend Street Realty Trust and Mark E. Wojcicki, $150,000

127 Haverhill Road: John F. and Patricia B. Moriarty to Jennifer M. Avola, $297,500

13 Lakeshore Drive: Carol Pottle and Donna Laswell to Andrew J. and Jennifer L. Greenfield, $210,000

19 Macy St.: Susan S Neff RET and Walter J. Neff to 19 Macy Realty Trust and Jon P. Farmer, $750,000

29 Merrimac St., Unit A: Benjamin and Julie M. Alexander to Marianne N. Murrell, $254,000

1 Nicholas Drive: 31 Monroe Street Realty Trust and Bradley M. Kutcher to Kari L. Jeffrey, $337,500

18 Pleasant St.: Magdalene Tornick and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $200,452

16 Pleasant View Ave.: Peter N. Kokinacis and Heather Draper to Timothy R. and Lauren Dufner, $220,000

14 Summer St., Unit 14: FHLM to Blue Moon Brothers Investments, $91,500

3 Whitewood Circle: Maria F. Delgenio and Webster First FCU to Webster First FCU, $350,000

140 Whittier Meadows Drive, Unit 140: Staci A. Doherty and MHFA to MHFA, $132,000


184 Andover St.: James P. O’Connor Estate and Sheila B. Najjar to Thomas J. and Judith E. Cook, $412,000

1 West Main St.: Littles Block Realty Trustand John D. Gatchell to 1 W Main Street LLC, $425,000


22 Lincoln St.: Antonio Fazio and Jessica M. Colangelo to Antonio Fazio, $15,000

4 Madison Way: BC RT and John Cormier to David B. and Doreen E. Shafer, $405,000

13 Summer St.: Kimberly Realty Trust and Bradley M. Kutcher to John F. and Theresa M. Banzhaf, $375,000


47 Hanover St.: Bruce R. and Valerie A. Haase to Peter A. and Sydney K. Dolat, $384,000

17 Old Pine Island Road: Peter and Joanne H. Anderholm to Mark B. and Susan M. Keeler, $522,500

3 Pine Island Road: Mark and Susan Keeler to Timothy L. Sousa and Elizabeth A. Traister, $445,000

57 Southern Blvd., Unit 3: Henry C. Becker to James T. and Catherine Pearn, $329,900


4 54th St.: Elizabeth J. Donaghey to Maureen E. Clark, $295,000

3-5 Coffin St: Christopher and Denise Horan to Raymond and Stacey L. Sicard, $480,000

52B Ferry Road: Jorg C. Winterer to Andrea A. Dziadosz, $585,000

264 High St.: Zafris Financial Trust and James G. Zafris to Martin K. and Kathleen M. Mason, $530,000

13 Marlboro St.: Evadine Daley to 13 Marlboro St. Development LLC, $253,500

38 Munroe St.: Robert K. and Judith A. Hegarty to Richard W. and Elizabeth M. Pearl, $585,000

11 Myrtle Ave: Virginia A. Walters Estate and Donald S. Walters to Daniel M. and Jennifer M. Spurling, $363,500

23 Oak St.: 23 Oak Street Realty Trust and George Haseltine to Dawn M. and Robert P. Gillespie, $867,730

23 Pond St.: Digital FCU to TGG Real Estate LLC, $410,000

9 Richardson Path: Springwell Investment LLC to Adam M. and Lindsay M. Forrest, $527,000

102 State St., Unit F: Palm Tree Realty Trust and Terry L. Jones to Michael A. Webber, $225,000


27 Arrowhead Circle: Nathaniel R. and Elizabeth J. Weiner to Kiriakos Tzortzis, $530,000

278 Wethersfield St.: Steven C. and Norma L. Hays to Sean C. and Jennifer M. Connolly, $574,900


78 Seabrook Road: Reliant Financial Inc to Paul A. Wilkerson, $30,000


116 Georgetown Road: Ronald J. and Maria Lataille to Nancy and Raymond Sansouci, $625,500

40 Maple St.: Melville Financial Trust and Susan E. Holt to Alex W. and Dorothy N. Moerlein, $340,000