, Newburyport, MA

October 26, 2012

Strip club dancer, boyfriend arrested after fracas

By Dave Rogers Staff Writer
Newburyport Daily News

---- — SALISBURY — A dancer at Kittens Gentlemen’s Club and her boyfriend arrested early yesterday are expected to be arraigned today in Newburyport District Court on several assault and battery and disorderly conduct charges stemming from confrontations both inside and outside the Bridge Road strip club.

Tiana R. Collins, 22, of 47 West St., No. 1, Boston, and Edward White Jr., 52, of 5110 Washington St., No. 9, West Roxbury, were both charged with disorderly conduct. Collins was also charged with assault and battery of a police officer, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest and three counts of assault and battery.

According to Salisbury police, Collins was intoxicated around midnight when she claimed a colleague had stolen her cell phone sometime during their shifts. At the same time, White was causing a disturbance outside the club when a bouncer would not let him back into the club. When police officers Richard Dellaria and Sgt. Timothy Hunter arrived, they ordered White to calm down. Refusing to do so, White was handcuffed by the two officers and placed in a cruiser.

Noticing that a larger commotion was taking place inside the club, the two officers went to investigate just as three Newburyport police officers, Jason Kohan, Gregory Whitney and Sgt. Peter Finnegan, arrived to assist. Collins began screaming when she was approached by the officers while she was in a dressing room and tried to instigate fights with the other dancers, according to Dellaria’s report.

After giving Collins numerous chances to calm down, police placed her under arrest. Collins allegedly began kicking and spitting at the officers. Brought outside, a Newburyport officer sprayed Collins in the face with pepper spray, subduing her long enough for officers to place her in the cruiser.

“She was totally out of control,” Salisbury police Chief Thomas Fowler said yesterday.

After reentering the club, police officers were told that Collins had thrown a plastic bottle of juice at Kittens owner Brooke Moury, hitting her on the side of the head. She also threw a glass bottle at the club’s DJ, striking him. Another dancer said Collins struck her in the face and spit at her, according to Dellaria’s report.

The two were booked at the Salisbury police station and released on the own recognizance pending today’s arraignment. None of the responding officers were hurt, but Dellaria and Hunter were both spit on, Fowler added.

Fowler praised the work of his officers and thanked Newburyport officers for their assistance.

“It’s good to know we have mutual aid, but we should also have more officers on the street,” Fowler said.