, Newburyport, MA

March 22, 2013

Newburyport February building permits

Newburyport Daily News

---- — The following building permits were issued by the City of Newburyport in February:

Casey, 58 Bromfield St., install four solar panels to roof, $5,460

Pedigo, 126 Merrimac St. Unit 36, install new entry door, $5,571

Seymour/Bourque, 218 High St., renovate first floor moving 1/2 bath to create new 3/4 bath, remove 2 walls and install structural beams and complete renovation of kitchen, $110,000

Devlin, 1 Carleton Dr., interior remodel--construct 1 story addition removing one story existing garage, $50,000

Parsons/Thomsen, 7-9 Elm St., convert room to office/guest room/enlarge bathroom and closet, $10,878

Wacker, 16 Warren St., 5’ patio door, $7,400

Tyler, 54 Curzon Mill Rd., install replacement windows, $5,738

Simkins, 18 Liberty St., Unit 1, construct 2 walls to divide retail space, $1,300

Obuchowski, 12 Coltin Dr., strip and re-roof, $6,800

Brown Square Realty Trust/Clifford, 13 Essex St., renovate/remodel single family, $100,000

Myhre, 42 Boardman St., air sealing and attic insulation, $4,500

Waldrip, 5 Everett Dr., air sealing and insulation, $2,500

Myers/Pitocchelli, 26 Merrimac St.Unit 48, bathroom remodel, $7,500

Atanasoff, 37 Philips Dr., remodel attic area for and office and playroom, $17,750

Moreau, 6 Upland Rd., enlarge master bathroom and closet, $16,850

Cyros, 8 Purchase St., install solar panels to roof, $19,777

Piper, 12 Otis Pl.,install solar panels, $49,975

Crary, 25 Cherry St., air sealing and attic insulation, $4,517

Barnes, 1 Merrimac St. Unit 28, remodel bathroom, $11,144

Barry, 49 Ashland St., remodel bathroom, $9,500

1 Coltin Drive Realty Trust/Reddy, 1 Coltin Dr., Strip and re-roof, bathroom repairs, $20,000

Healy, 12 Eagle St. install one double hung window and entry door, $2,743

Hegarty, 38 Munroe St., remove two screw jacks and one timber post, replace with 3 cement filled lally columns, $300

Range Light Limited/Comeau, 73-75 Water St., strip and re-roof, $10,150

Coughlin, 35 Pine Hill Rd., install solar panels to roof, $18,835

Thurston/Catalano, 81 Curzon Mill Rd., complete kitchen remodel with removing walls-non structural, $50,400

Johnson/Ridenour, 50 Marlboro St., add dormer to accommodate remodel of second floor bathroom, $15,500

Nelson, 32-34 Harding Ave., air sealing and blown-in insulation to attic, $4,700

Ferguson, 20 Magnolia St., re-deck and re-rail to code, $20,000

Strauss, 56 Federal St., install solar panels to roof, $20,405

Lawrence, 16 Washington St., install solar panels to home, $12,390

Katz, 47-53 Pleasant St., Strip and re-roof with rubber roofing, $26,500

Crogsak, 23 Pond St., interior demolition for exploratory purposes, $1,500

Clark, 36 Storeybrooke, complete remodel of 2nd floor 3/4 bathroom, $12,300

Costello, 1 Shore St., install solar panels to roof, $21,974

Chatfield, 67 Federal St., install solar panels, $28,925

Weigold/Thomsen, 8 Pine St., convert attic to office--bedroom if stairway is completed, $36,743

Dionne/Petino, 16 Lincoln St., install kitchen cabinets and counter only, $5,000

Pickard, 9 Hallisey Dr., air sealing with insulation of whole house fan in attic, $1,017

Kutcher, 6 Iona Ave., remodel kitchen and bathroom, strip and re-shingle front of home with cedar shakes $14,500

Kingdom Hall, 179 Storey Ave., create a mother’s room, $1,000

DSM Realty, 25 Storey Ave., create a clean room within the Market Basket store for produce prep area $27,800

Trout, 119 Water St, interior renovation to downsize existing beam hair salon and create first floor apartment , $25,000

Cronin/Wills, 4 Orange St., strip and reside with hardy plank, $12,234

Vespa, 15 Ferry Rd., complete kitchen remodel with two new windows, $69,550

Milk Street Realty Trust, 14 Russia St., demolition of a two story single family home, $5,000

Hazeltine, 5-7 Upland Rd., demolition of a 1 1/2 story single family, $8,000

Fancy Nails & Spa, 25 Storey Ave., install a wall and window sign, $4,700

Ocean Zen, 88 Water St.,install a projecting sign, $250

Kutcher, 2 Oakland St., construct a 2 1/2 story single family, $259,000

Milk Street Realty Trust, 14 Russia St., construct a 2 1/2 story single family, $200,000