, Newburyport, MA

January 8, 2013

Police: Man was naked, high when he attacked

By Dave Rogers
Staff Writer

---- — SALISBURY — An Amesbury man accused of assaulting numerous police officers during a bloody melee inside a Gravel Way trailer home Saturday is out on bail following his arraignment yesterday at Newburyport District Court.

Jonathan Anderson, 19, 99 Market St., was arrested Saturday at 8:35 p.m. and charged with four counts of assault and battery of a police officer, three counts of malicious destruction of property less than $250, malicious destruction of property more than $250, assault and battery and resisting arrest.

Assisting local officers Richard Dellaria, Michael Tullercash, Christopher Thurlow and Joshua Sindoni during the incident was at least one trooper from the state police barracks in Newbury.

Judge Allen Swan set bail at $1,000 cash for Anderson, who is due back in court on Feb. 1 for a pretrial hearing. According to court records, Anderson’s bail was posted by his mother, who shares the same Market Street address.

According to court records, Anderson was naked when he launched himself at local police officers after they responded to a fight in progress between Anderson and another man. It took four officers to contain Anderson, who was able to continue resisting even after being hit by pepper spray and Tasered a half dozen times.

Dellaria’s report indicates that Anderson was screaming, foaming at the mouth and was bleeding profusely from his legs and feet prior to attacking him and the other officers. Both Dellaria and Michael Tullercash drew their Tasers and pointed them at him. That did little to dissuade Anderson from charging the officers, who then fired their weapons. After being shocked by the Tasers, Anderson ran into the far corner of the narrow room.

When Anderson failed to comply with the officers’ order to lay down on his belly and put his hands behind his back, Dellaria tried subduing him with pepper spray. But instead of affecting Anderson, it temporarily affected Dellaria and Tullercash. Anderson then got back on his feet and charged the officers. Dellaria was able to use Anderson’s momentum to throw him against a wall and then force him to the ground again. Anderson managed to get on his back and began kicking and punching the officers repeatedly as his legs and feet were bleeding, according to Dellaria’s report.

Police were able eventually to place him on his back and Tasered him at least four more times before the four officers handcuffed him.

“He continued to display unrealistic strength and made every attempt to break free of our grasp and continue to fight,” Dellaria wrote.

Police determined that Anderson was at least under the influence of alcohol and quite possibly cocaine and hallucination-inducing drugs at the time of the alleged assault. Anderson was eventually sedated and transported to Anna Jaques Hospital for treatment. Dellaria and Thurlow were also transported to the Newburyport hospital having been doused with Anderson’s blood, according to Dellaria’s report.

According to Dellaria, Anderson’s kicking punched several holes in the wall of the trailer. Previous to the police arrival, he had punched out several of the windows with his fists. It is estimated he caused more than $1,000 worth of damage to the trailer.

The other man in the fight, who suffered a facial contusion, was not charged.