, Newburyport, MA

January 12, 2013

The birth of 'Universal Humans'

In the Spirit
The Rev. Shipley Allinson

---- — Dec. 22 arrived, and we are still here! The Mayan calendar did not predict the end of the world, but the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. Perhaps the “end of the world” as we know it and the birth of the new. Something is definitely shifting.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, author and one whose name was placed in nomination for vice presidency of the United States in 1984, wrote the book “Birth 2012 and Beyond.” In her book Barbara discusses what she calls a Planetary Shift or “Birth of the Universal Human.” Barbara believes that all “crises are a birth”; that when systems experience major fluctuations, old patterns are able to be released and new ones emerge. The crises we are experiencing now in the economy, environment, wars, etc., are actually leading to the birth of a new, more positive future. She believes that crises are “evolutionary drivers” that push us to make necessary changes for the good of all.

The birth of “Universal Humans” is a result of the shift that is occurring. Universal Humans are showing up around the planet. A Universal Human is one who knows they are connected, as one, with all life: with the Divine, with the earth and all life on the earth and with all humanity. Because we are all now so connected via the Internet (which is an outer manifestation of our inner-net), we have developed far greater empathy and compassion for each other. We are becoming a people who care and act on that caring.

Universal humans are not driven by their egoic ways; they put the good of the whole before their own personal good. Universal humans are spiritual, though not necessarily religious, creative and, generally, they are pioneers.

The more we look, the more we will see Universal Humanity. I performed a wedding last week for two individuals who had both been married before. The former spouses and the children of the former marriages all participated in creating the wedding. Universal Humans!

I visited my brother’s neighborhood during the Christmas holiday. Someone in his neighborhood organized purchasing and delivering luminaria to all the families in the neighborhood so everyone could line their property with these beautiful lanterns on Christmas evening. Universal Humans!

On Facebook a friend told of another friend stopping on her way to work because she saw smoke. Going in, she saved eight people from a house fire. She stayed and kept them warm in her truck afterward until the Red Cross arrived. Universal Humans.

Look for them; the more we look, the more we will see. The more we see, the more there will be. Look for people helping others, not needing to win or be ahead of others, not afraid of losing. Look for those who are loving and appreciative and generous. They are everywhere.

Happy Birthday Universal Humans! We’re glad you are here!


The Rev. Shipley Allinson is the pastor of Unity on the River, Amesbury.