, Newburyport, MA

February 19, 2013

Forgotten memories

Port man eager to return Vietnam slides bought at yard sale

Staff Writer

---- — Bob Loiselle wants to be a good Samaritan, but he’s been having trouble locating the rightful recipient to whom he can display his spirit of generosity.

About a half-dozen years ago, the retired teacher bought a slide projector and carousel at a yard sale at a residence off Ferry Road in Newburyport, the address of which he has long since forgotten.

But he never used the device. In fact, he forgot he even had it — until a couple weeks ago.

While getting some goods ready for recycling, Loiselle discovered the projector collecting dust.

When he examined it more closely, he realized for the first time that the tray was full of slides.

The slides appear to have been taken in Vietnam — more than 40 years ago.

“They don’t focus on the war, but it seems to reflect the activities of a young man, an American,” Loiselle said. “I don’t know what he did in Vietnam, but many slides were taken at social or religious events, with the people.

“I would think he would want them back.”

Loiselle spent much of his teaching career as a math teacher in Danvers before retiring to Newburyport about a decade ago. He still serves as a substitute teacher in the area.

The educator isn’t a yard-sale aficionado, particularly, but on this one venture, he picked up what has ended up to be a memorable item.

“When I bought it, I didn’t look for slides, and then it was put away for years,” Loiselle recalled. “Now that I have found them almost by accident, I’d like to contact the fellow who put them out there for sale.”

Loiselle said it’s likely the owner didn’t know the slides were in the projector either.

“He might have spent time looking for them,” he said. “They are worth much more to him than to me, so I am starting a search.

“If he’s out there, I’d like to return those slides — and those memories — back to him.”

The original owner of the slides may contact The Daily News at 978-462-6666.