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February 25, 2013

Pettengill House sets strategy for next three years

Salisbury Town Notebook
Angeljean Chiaramida

---- — Headquartered in Salisbury, the region’s social service provider Pettengill House recently announced the completion of its three-year strategic plan, which will serve as an agency’s road map through 2015.

Approved by the board this month, the plan states the agency’s vision that every child in its service area attend school every day ready to learn, implemented in Pettengill’s award-winning School Link Service program.

It also includes Pettengill’s mission statement to support and empower children and families by providing education, comprehensive case management and basic needs; and by coordinating community supports that contribute to individual and family stabilization, personal growth and development.

The plan cites Pettengill’s core operating values that individual and family stabilization is best achieved by encouraging self-determination, self-sufficiency and personal responsibility, communicated with respect and dignity, without judgment or prejudice and regardless of social or economic status.

To construct the plan, Pettengill House brought in professional facilitators, collected local and state data, surveyed more than 100 agency clients and all its stakeholder.

“This was an enormous and fulfilling undertaking which will positively impact our community,” said Pettengill House Executive Director Deb Smith. “It is great knowing we are in the right direction while at the same time able to identify and improve on areas and bring back prevention education programs.”

Smith thanked all those involved in putting together the plan.

For more information, or to view the plan in its entirety, visit Pettengill’s website at www.pettengillhouse.


Those with children age 2 through 8 should put a circle around Saturday, March 23, the date of the town’s annual Easter Egg Hunt at Salisbury Elementary School. The event, sponsored by the Salisbury Parks and Recreation Commission, runs from 9 to 11 a.m.


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