, Newburyport, MA

October 12, 2013

Artists of the Month named at Triton Middle School

Newburyport Daily News

---- — BYFIELD — Triton Regional Middle School art teacher Brooke Morse selected the following students as Artists of the Month for September.

Colin Harvey was chosen for team 8-2. “Colin has shown excellence throughout the painting class he is enrolled in,” Morse wrote. “Colin has been pushing the limits and really tries to understand and learn about the painting medium he is researching this quarter. Colin has a wonderful eye for detail and color that was proved that in his first watercolor portrait.”

Colin’s artwork will be shown in the Newbury Library gallery in November.

Hannah Marsh was selected from team 8-3. “Hannah is a beautifully bright student who has shown interest and determination within the painting projects,” Morse wrote. “Hannah goes outside her comfort zone to study complex compositions. Since she started the class Hannah has shown a great deal of improvement, which is reflected in her artwork.”

Hannah’s artwork will also be shown in the Newbury Library gallery in November, as well.

Diego Fernandez was named from team 7-2. “Diego’s precise measurement and attention to detail, color, and composition is what makes him stand out in art class,” Morse wrote. “Diego see’s color in terms of emotion and tries to incorporate himself and his life story within his work. It is inspiring to watch him tell a story through his artwork.”

Kyle Sheedy was named from team 7-3. “Kyle is a student who is always a friend to his fellow students and is very compassionate about his work,” Morse wrote. “During the Color Theory unit, Kyle showed fine attention to detail as well as incorporating the knowledge of the color wheel in his final project.”