, Newburyport, MA

October 30, 2013

Holaday leads in campaign funds


---- — NEWBURYPORT — Mayor Donna Holaday continues to lead the candidates in fundraising, according to campaign finance forms filed with the city clerk this week.

Holaday, running for her third term, raised $9,009 between Sept. 8 and Oct. 26, according to municipal records. Mayoral candidate Dick Sullivan Jr. raised $5,100 during this period. Greg Earls, who left the race after coming in third in a preliminary election in mid-September, raised $1,438, according to his statement.

It continues a trend that was evident just prior to the Sept. 17 preliminary election, when the last round of campaign finance reports were filed. At that time Holaday had received $22,875 in the period of Jan. 1 to Sept. 7. Challenger Richard Sullivan Jr. had raised $6,975 and Gregory Earls had collected $4,433.

Meghan Kinsey, an at-large candidate, was the fundraising leader among the 20 candidates running for council seats with $5,960.

Candidates for municipal office recently filed their financial fundraising statements, which are due eight days before the election. Voters will go to the polls on Tuesday to elect a mayor, six ward councilors and five councilors at-large. Five are running for three seats on the School Committee.

Several council candidates filed paperwork stating they received no contributions. Those included incumbents Barry Connell, Ari Herzog and Tom O’Brien, and Ward 1 candidate Michael Ferrick.

O’Brien is unopposed in Ward 6. Connell was the top votegetter of at-large candidates two years ago.

Candidates donating $100 or more to Holaday, with notations where they exist, include the following: Leslie Asadoorian, $500; Steven Baddour, former state senator, $100; Marianne Baker, $450, youth and family director, YMCA North Shore; Joseph Barbone, CEO, Methuen Construction, $250; Michael Barry, NY Life Securities, $200; Robert Bentley, Realtor,, $500; Laurie Christiansen, $500; Edward Demski, $450; Dorothy Fairweather, $500; Constance Grayson, Mass. School of Law, $300; John Guerin, consultant, Opportunity Works, $200.

Also, Ryan Hutchins, $150; former state senator James Jajuga, $100; James Kennedy, $150; Eric Loth, North Andover Holding, LLC, $500; Jeffrey Lynch, Enterprise Equipment, $250; Dennis Maguire, Maguire Co., $200; Peter Malaguti, $100; Norino Mirra, owner, Hoyt’s Lodge, $500; Joanne Mirra, owner, Hoyt’s Lodge, $500; David Morrow, $150; Elliot Newman, $100; Nancy Peace, $100; Michael Strem, president, Strem Chemicals, $500; Wayne Symonds, vice president, Methuen Construction, $250; David Tibbetts, CEO, Merrimack Valley Economic Development Council, $250; Marc Tucker, $100; James Watkins, president, Jamco Excavators, $200; Christine Zampell, clerk, Zartech, $300.

Those contributing $100 or more to Sullivan included: George Asprogiannis, self-employed, $500; Sotirious Asprogiannis, self-employed, $500; Salisbury Selectman Donald Beaulieu, $100; John Bell Jr., $300; Lawrence Cavalieri, $100; Susan Chetsas, $200; William Gallagher, $100; Richard Hordon, owner, Four Star Aviation, $200; George Jacobs, $150; Joan Matthews, $100; Nicholas Metcalfe, retired, $200; Mark O’Brian, retired, $250; Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts (union), $500; Citizens for Open Waterfront activist Joanne Purinton, $300; Jonathan Roberts, $150; David Sheperd, $100; William Silsby, $100; Merrell Stearns, retired, $250; Joseph Sullivan, attorney, $500; Barry Todd, $100; Thomas Walsh, $100; Ann Zabriskie, $100.

Those contributing $100 or more to Earls, whose campaign effectively ended Sept. 17, included the following: Marc Cendron, $100; Jessica Hachmeister, $100; Phillip Hurzeler, $100; E. Robert Keller Trust, $100; Joanne Purinton, $200; James Charles Roy, $250; Michael Sales, $108.

The following council candidates received donations. In some cases, the records go back to the first of the year.

Ward 1: Allison Heartquist, $1,202 (John and Mary Brooks, $250; Plum Island Foundation founder Robert Connors, $500; Sadru Hemani, $100; Cornelius and Alice McCarthy, $200; Shauna Pienzer, $300; James Shanley, $100).

Ward 2: Jared Eigerman, $2,423 (Mark Bilodeau, $500; Gillian Chatfield, $400; Leslie Eckholdt, $100; Julia Farwell-Clay, $500; Stephanie Niketic, $250 (twice); Michael Sales, $108).

Christopher Welch, $1,355 (Douglas Bolick, $100; Michael Forney, $200; Fred Hugnagel, $200; Michael Mullins, $100; the Freeman Condon Committee, $200; Jeffrey Tomlinson, $200).

Ward 3: Robert Cronin, $500 (Richard Hordon, $150; Ethel Jones, $150; miscellaneous cash, $200).

Leslie Eckholdt, $1,354 (William Harrington, $100; Stephen Lynch, $150; Stephanie Niketic, $250; Stephen Robinson, $100; Carol Ward, $500).

Ward 4: Charles Tontar, $2,315 (Christina Blllinger, $100; Geraldine Branca, $100; Michael DeCesare, $100; Mark DeSalvo, $100; Robert Larochelle, $200).

Tom Jones’ report was not received.

Ward 5: Larry Giunta Jr. (Giunta did not receive funds in this period but took in $1,363 earlier in the year).

Sean Reardon, $225, Reardon took in $1,360 earlier in the year. (Bob and Gail Page, $100.)

Ward 6: O’Brien, the council president, is unopposed.

At-large: Laurel Allgrove, $100 (Wayne McGonigle, $100).

Ed Cameron, $1,205 (Alex and Christina Bellinger, $150; Stephanie and Novak Niketic, $250; Newburyport Redevelopment Authority member James Shanley, $100).

Meghan Kinsey, $5,960 (Chris Affoiter, $100; Bruce Anderson, $100; Suzanne Armstrong, $100; William Barlow, $100; Joshua Baumfled, $100; Denis Carmody, $100; Frank Cavallaro, $250; Rep. Michael Costello Committee, $100; Richard Doucette Jr., $100; Oreganos owner Claude Elias, $150; Interlocks owner Virginia Eramo, $250; Jay Iannini, $300; Shawn Keller, $200; Arik Keller, $100; Ellen Link, $100; Olga MacFarlane, $100; Kelly Marshall, $100; Craig McClaren, $100; NRA member John Morris, $199; Brenda Palmisano, $100; Daniel Palmisano, $100; Brian Patrican, $100; Lauren Rathbone, $100; Bridget Seymour, $100; Scott Signore, $100; Chris Skiba, $100).

Lyndi Lanphear, $250 (Lawrence Cavalieri, $100).

Sheila Mullins, $1,010 (Stephanie and Novak Niketic, $250; Patrice Lamy, $100; Thomas Lyons, $100).

Bruce Vogel, $275, (David and Gillian Chatfield, $100).