, Newburyport, MA

June 21, 2013

Cashman Park playground to be closed today


---- — NEWBURYPORT — City parks appear to be going through a period of downtime, with Cashman Park playground scheduled to be closed today and parks at Brown School and Bresnahan School having been dismantled and removed.

City officials said the playground at Cashman Park will be unavailable for use due to the repair to equipment and the addition of playground mulch.

Lise Reid, parks administrator, said that youngsters will not be permitted at the playground while work takes place.

Reid said, in a statement, “that work has been difficult to schedule due to rainy weather,” but plans for improvement have been made so that parks are safe and in good working order.

Playgrounds at Perkins Park and Bartlet Mall are next on the repair list, but no dates have been released on when municipal officials will close the facilities while improvements take place, she said.

Last fall, city officials released a report that stated that many of the city’s 17 recreational sites are in need of repair.

In recent weeks, playgrounds at the Brown School and at the Bresnahan School have disappeared. At Brown School, aging equipment was removed with the caveat that Brown School itself will be closing in June 2014.

Equipment at Bresnahan was taken away because heavy machinery is active on the property in conjunction with the construction of a new school.

City officials say that a meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of City Hall to discuss plans to replace playground equipment — in the short term and long term — while major changes roll out in the city.