, Newburyport, MA

June 27, 2013

Newburyport building permits

Newburyport Daily News

---- — NEWBURYPORT – The following is the April list of building permits recipients, contractors when applicable, property addresses, job description and cost of the planned improvements:

Sellinger/Next Step Living, 8 Norman Ave., air sealing and blown-in insulation, $1,285

Whitaker/Superior Roofing, 2 Madison St., strip and re-roof garage, $1,600

McDougal/2 Penn, 19 Boyd Drive, strip and re-roof, $14,300

Simpson/Atlantic Weatherization LLC, 1.5 Greenleaf St., replace nine windows, $1,600

Pettingell/Scanlon, 102 Water St., strip and re-roof, $2,800

Scanlon/ Scanlon, 22 Oakland St., strip and re-roof, $2,650

Binette/Atlantic Weatherization LLC, 27 Myrtle Ave., air sealing and blown-in insulation in attic, $2,400

Jones/Renewal by Andersen, 37 Storeybrooke, install 16 replacement windows, $21,000

Moore, 10 North Atkinson, refurbish porch, $6,650

Nichols/ York, 47 Broomfield St., Unit B, raise dormer and install five windows, $27,950

Wehrwein/ Scanlon, 3 Fruit St., strip and re-side, install one window, $31,155

Condon/Lambert Roofing, 2 Hill St., Unit A, contractor to strip and re-roof unit A, $2,695

Larcome, 4 Russell Terrace Ext., remodel kitchen and change a full bath to 3/4 bath, $3,500

Simkins/ Guertin, 9-15 Middle St., remodel first-floor bar area to accommodate more table and chairs, $18,750

Grohe/Gillard, 14 Strong St., install fireplace liner, $600

Holton Trust/Hoare, 351 High St., exploratory demo for reconstruction to the carriage house, $2,500

Squires/Kilkelly, 225-227 Merrimac St., strip and re-roof, $4,500

Santos/Tchernov, 10 Spring St., strip and re-roof both units, $9,420

Daigle/AB Carnes, Inc., 16 Coltin Drive, strip and re-roof, $5,600

Neil, 12 Lucey Drive, repair garage transom windows, rear door, exterior trim, $12,000

Fallon, 9 Bayberry Road, install 22 new windows and sliding door, $28,000

Immaculate Conception/Murphy, 42 Green St., replace 120 feet of facia, soffit and gutters on parish center building, $20,000

Gillispie/Barrett, 12 Neptune St., construct 13-by-18-foot one -story addition, $67,000

Andrews/Lowther, 20 Auburn St., kitchen remodel, two new windows, $10,000

Kulfan/Ted Grab, 50 Plummer Ave., remodel kitchen and pantry with three new windows, $34,000

Fleely/Kilkelly, 58 Milk St., strip and re-roof, $6,500

Serwon/Kilkelly, 15 Moseley Ave., strip and re-roof of home, $9,000

Rymsha/Kilkelly, 88 State St., strip and re-roof, $4,175

Phipps/Creighton, 2 Allen St., remodel kitchen, $24,350

Cookke/Emery, 17 Barker St., complete renovation due to fire damage includes eight windows, $123,000

Pflaum/Cerbone Brothers, 37 Olive St., construct wall to extend bathroom and rebuild bathroom, $10,900

Stanton/Lopes, 15 Neptune St., add 2 storm doors, railings and hand rail to cellar, chimney repair, $2,400

Tremblay/Lopes, 8 Alberta Ave., strip rear roof, rebuild chimney, replace corner boards, install front and rear landings and stairs, $8,700

Callahan/ Morgan, 29 Warren St., complete remodel of kitchen including new windows, $21,637

Fuller/Creighton, 24 Eagle St., remove entire front entry and second-floor addition, $28,000

Seaver/Wells, 5 Water St., Unit F, rear, install four windows, new kitchen cabinets, install new tub, extend knee wall upstairs, $31,500

City of Newburyport/Kinsmen Corporation, 7 Spring Lane, upgrade water treatment plant, backwash storage tank (Phase III), $5,233,000

Nye/Sunbug Solar, 14 Johnson St., install 32 solar panels to home, $34,483

Wojcicki/Bear, 48 Forrester St., remove clapboards, replace with cedar clapboards, remodel kitchen and 1 and 3/4 bathrooms, replace 15 windows, $29,000

Satrape, 91 Turkey Hill Road, construct 3/4 bath in cellar, $7,685

Custom House Maritime Museum/Thompson Waterproofing, 25 Water St., cut and repoint all joints, patch all necessary stone work, $89,900

First Ipswich Bank/Development Concepts, 155 State St., remove existing awning for stucco repair including solid awning over drive-up machine, $30,000

City of Newburyport/Rupert A Nock Middle School/Gilbane Building Co., 70 Low St., cosmetic and energy renovation to entire school, $17,419,587

Phillips/Kilkelly, 22-24 High St., strip and re-roof, $8,900

Cough/Baird Construction Inc., 8 Fair St., kitchen rearrangement and add window, $17,106

Mele, 64 Boardman St., Unit A, replace fixtures and build small wall, new floor for bathroom, $2,000

Haggerty/Erb, 160 High St., Unit B, complete remodel second-floor bathroom and new fixtures in kitchen and some cabinets, $10,173

Cappuccio, 8 Menut Circle, convert garage into entry, mudroom and office, $2,400

Geelmuyden/Godsey, 236 High St., remodel kitchen, $20,500

Mahon/Keane, 8 Zabriskie Drive, Unit C, remodel kitchen, bathroom, install six vinyl windows, $17,700

Brislin/Roof Diagnostics Solar of Massachusetts, LLC, 14 Newhall Lane, install 28 solar panels to roof, $28,000

Coffey/True, 2 Summit Place, remodel second-floor bathroom/laundry room, $28,400

Morris/NABC, 11 Marloboro St., construct shed dormer to home with new stairway, $39,309

Beauparlant, 3 Belcher St., construct 3/4 bathroom in cellar, $8,000

Bernier/Christian, 26 Hale St., install eight windows, $11,911

Morse/Melansen, 442 Merrimac St., strip and re-roof, $7,950

Harris/Next Step Living, 17 Charles St., air sealing and attic insulation, $2,295

Blanche/Barlow, 86 Bromfield St., strip and re-roof, $6,900

Russell/The Green Cocoon, 10 Turkey Hill Road, air sealing and attic insulation, $1,800

Geelmuyder/Tudor Construction, 236 High St., install/replace slider and four windows, $4,175

Nancy Flynn Trust, 36 Lime St., owner to perform exploratory demo for the purpose of rebuild, $5,000

City of Newburyport/Nock, 70 Low St., four phase selective demolition Middle School/NASDI, $460,000

Bashaw, 165 Low St., removal of exterior chimney and in-ground swimming pool, $5,000

Gilmartin, 25 LaValley Lane, interior demo of kitchen and second-floor bathroom, $375

SBK Associates/Poyant Signs Inc., 45 Storey Ave., install a wall sign, $15,000

Visiting Angels/Seaport Sign Works, 182 State St., install a projecting sign, $675

Anchor Stone Deck Pizza/Seaport Sign Works, 42-44 State St., install a wall, projecting and window sign, $2,000

Runway Salon, 1 Merrimac St., Unit 7, install a wall and projecting sign, $1,840

Sunoco/UA Projects Co. LLC, 59 Storey Ave., new panel in existing free-standing sign, $2,000

Bromfield Hancock DevelopmentLLC/Concordia Homes, 57 Bromfield St., construct a 21/2 story single-family home, $250,000

Bromfield Hancock Development LLC/Concordia Homes, 2 Hancock St., construct a 21/2 story single-family home, $250,000

Carlo Mandrone/Great Woods Post & Beam, 7 Warren St., construct a 11/2 story single-family and detached garage, $440,000