, Newburyport, MA

July 16, 2013

Cavachon healing after pit bull attack

By Dave Rogers
Staff Writer

---- — SALISBURY — A local woman says her year-old cavachon dog is lucky to be alive after being mauled by a pit bull last Thursday evening as she walked it near the Salisbury Discount House off Broadway.

Judy Walton said her dog, Skittles, was taken by surprise when a roughly 70-pound pit bull came from behind and attacked it viciously around 6:30 p.m. Both dogs were leashed, but the owner of the pit bull was unable to control the large dog until it was too late. According to Walton, Skittles sustained serious injuries to the neck and shoulders as the pit bull flailed it around for more than a minute before a bystander was able to kick the larger dog off it.

“The dog was just too powerful,” Walton said. “It was the most horrifying thing I have witnessed in my life.”

Walton said she immediately called 911 after the attack and then bent down to care for her dog. “I was holding my little dog, screaming, on the ground.”

Following the attack, Skittles was taken to the Newbury Animal Hospital, where it cost almost $1,000 to treat her wounds, according to Walton.

What happened to the pit bull and its owner is unknown, as a call to the town’s animal control officer was not returned. In some cases, dogs involved in an attack are quarantined by the town for up to 10 days to verify the dog is clear of rabies and is current on all immunizations.

There were no charges filed against the pit bull’s female owner, according to Walton, who filed an incident report with police.