, Newburyport, MA

May 3, 2014

Boater safety certification courses scheduled

Newburyport Daily News

---- — With the beginning of the 2014 boating season, the Newbury Harbormaster’s Office would like to advise the boating public that the Harbormaster’s Office is now operating completely under the jurisdiction of the Newbury Police Department.

The boating public will notice some immediate changes at the Newbury Town Landing as well as changes that will take place throughout the boating season. Also, the public will notice a new method for applying for and receiving waterways permits, mooring permits and dock permits. All the changes are designed to make the boater’s experience on the Parker River more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Waterways and mooring permit applications/renewals:

All waterway permits originate at the Newbury Assessor’s Office by filing a FORM 2BE-1 for each vessel (even if you have never filed one in the past). By filing this form, every vessel is entered into our database. If the vessel is not deemed exempt from excise tax, any required excise tax must be paid to the town of Newbury before the vessel will be eligible for a waterways permit. FORM 2BE-1 is available for download on the Harbormaster link of the Newbury Police Department website at

Once the vessel is entered into the database by the Assessor’s Office, you can fill out a waterways/mooring permit application on the NPD website. When filling out this application, the proper fee will automatically calculate. Print out the form and either bring it to police department with a check for the fee or mail it to the department with a check for the fee and the proper permit will be issued.

Once the database is accurate, future notifications and renewal forms can be e-mailed directly to the boater.

Town docks:

The town docks have been installed and are open for public use. Maintenance of these docks will take place on a constant basis throughout the boating season. As such, certain sections of the docks may be inaccessible on certain days. We will make every attempt to limit any inaccessibility to off-hours on weekdays. Police Department website:

The Parker River channel markers will be installed before the end of April.

Boater safety courses:

The Newbury Harbormaster’s Office will host a Boater Safety Certification course instructed by the Massachusetts Environmental Police. This 5-day course is scheduled for May 8 and May 9; May 14 to May 16 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at Triton Regional High School, 112 Elm St., Byfield. For more information, visit the Harbormaster link on the Newbury Police Department website.

Portable toilets have been delivered to the Town Landing and are open for public use. The Town Landing and parking areas are being cleaned and landscaped. The parking lot will be evaluated and reconfigured for maximum efficiency. A new bulletin board will be installed to keep the public posted of any important issues on the water.

The mooring field will be reconfigured for maximum efficiency during the boating season. Initially, mooring will be placed in the same spot as last boating season. The field will be reconfigured during the season as necessary. By re-configuring the mooring field, we are hoping to eliminate the mooring waiting list this season.

The office will make every attempt to keep each mooring in the same general area on the river. However, some moorings will need to be moved fifty feet or more. We will not move existing moorings to different sections of the river (i.e. a mooring will not be moved from the east side of the Parker River Bridge to the west side of the bridge).

The Harbormaster skiff has been repainted, marked and equipped for high visibility and emergency response. We are hopeful that a more suitable patrol boat will be purchased and outfitted during the boating season. The same assistant harbormasters will return this boating season. Several new assistant harbormasters will be hired as well. Often times, Police Officers will also patrol the river with Assistant Harbormasters.

Permitting questions can be directed to or 978-462-4440 ext. 122. All other questions can be directed to or by calling 978-462-4440 ext. 120.