, Newburyport, MA

May 16, 2014

Newburyport March building permits

Newburyport Daily News

---- — NEWBURYPORT – The following is the March list of building permit recipients, contractors when applicable, property addresses, job descriptions and cost of the planned improvements.

Edible Arrangements, 75 Water St., remodel front and rear counters, remove two non-bearing walls to open up area, $29,000

Stafford/Ouellet, 21 Barton St., install two gas fireplaces in home, $8,256

Hickey/The Green Cocoon, 1 Parsons St., insulation, $6,000

Lemone/Scally, 1 Chapel St., complete kitchen remodel, bath renovation, create new master bath, move existing stairs, new windows, $112,000

Butler, 3 Upland Road, reside north and east side with red cedar clapboards, $1,820

Cohen/Sherman, 16 61st St., install 14 solar panels to home, $17,500

Moulis/Danoff, 6 77th St., construct (15’ x 18’) deck attached to front of home with sliding door, $15,905

Simon/Pella Windows, 126 Merrimac St., Unit 25, remove existing sliding door, install new unit, $4,900

St Onge/Craig, 10 Bradburry Lane, install 3 replacement windows, $5,908

Zampell/Atlantic Design, 3 William Griffin Way, complete remodel of cellar to family, bathroom, music and boiler room, $40,000

Bontakis, 5 51st Street, construct an (8’ x 14’) front deck with front stairs replacing a (4’ x 5’) landing and stairway, $3,000

Newburyport Development/Danusis,1 State St., minor cosmetic remodeling, $21,000

Langille/Kilkelly, 19 Philips Drive, strip and reside with 30 sq. of vinyl siding, $14,000

Sauignac/Jean, 26 Elmira Avenue, kitchen remodel, $10,000

Guertin/Guertin, 141 State St., convert Inn to a multi-family building, $104,000

Pollard/Janvrin, 8 K St., take out center wall and construct a continuous header to support second floor. Complete new kitchen, pantry and 25 new windows in home, $101,000

Village Silversmith/White Jr., 34 State St., remove sheetrock to expose brick wall and display shelving, $5,460

Benson/Atlantic Weatherization, LLC, 372 High St., blown in cellulose insulation to walls of home, $3,000

Altieri, 18 Ship St., remodel full bathroom with new fixtures, $8,300

Perkins/Kilkelly, 24 Farrell St., strip and re-roof, $3,250

Morrill/Kilkelly, 22 Oak St., strip and re-roof, $5,800

Purple Onion/Caswell Development, 42-44 Inn St., replace existing storefront, $9,200

Ten Center St/Caswell Development, 10 Center St., replace existing front door, $7,300

Riedell/Kolb, 33 Union St., complete kitchen remodel, second floor bathroom, new vanity and flooring in first floor bathroom, closets in bedroom and eight new windows, $63,000

7-4 Broad St Realty Trust/Reddy, 7 Broad St., Unit 4, complete renovation of kitchen and bath, complete paint interior and exterior, re-roof 5 sq. section and install eight replacement windows, $30,000

Lively Kids/Caswell Development, 15 State St., replace storefront due to rot and structural instability, $13,620

Gannon/Brown, 11 Willow Avenue, remodel cellar for family and utility room, $35,500

Armstrong, 5 Buck St., complete remodel of kitchen, remove center structural post to open up kitchen using LVLs, $10,350

Salah, 22 Storeybrooke, bathroom fixture replacement, tiling and one replacement window in second floor bathroom, $4,500

Millnamow/Atlantic Weatherization, LLC, 2 New St., insulate basement ceiling, $900

Lake/Danusis, 6 Opportunity Way, construct one firewall between two units and one partial firewall for future division space, $20,800

Krallis/Pitocchelli, 126 Merrimac St., Unit 21, remove and replace kitchen cabinets and counters, open non-bearing partition, $10,200

Abdulla/Wilson, 70 High St., complete remodel of bathroom, remove rotted deck, re-frame, install plywood and windows to create a sunroom, $28,000

Bergeron/Hopkins, 3 Madison St., remodel kitchen and bath and replace one window, $15,500

Taylor/Home Energy Inc., 517 Merrimac St., Unit 1, insulate attic with blown in cellulose, air seal attic and basement, $2,926

TD Bank/JBR Association, 51-55.5 State St., remove and replace two windows, $8,000

Wagner/Perry Brothers Construction, 31 Bromfield St., replace 15 windows, strip and reside, $34,500

Murphy/Jen Wright Signs, 40R Merrimac St., installation of a wall sign, $800

Bella Vintage, Inc./Seaport Sign Works, 1 Merrimac St., Unit 9, install a projecting sign, $1,200

Murphy/Jen Wright Signs, 40R Merrimac St., install a wall sign, $800

Yankee Clipper Tours/Aziz, 22 Merrimac St., install a free standing sign, $400

Yankee Clipper Tours/Aziz, 22 Merrimac St., install a free standing sign, $400

Yankee Clipper Tours/Paul Aziz, 22 Merrimac St., install a wall sign, $200

Village Silversmith/Reedy Signs, 34 State St., install a projecting sign, $3,000

Cebula Design/Jen Wright Signs,18 Liberty St., install a projecting sign, $800