, Newburyport, MA

October 5, 2012

Seabrook Building Permits

Newburyport Daily News

---- — SEABROOK — The following is the July list of building permit recipients, contractors when applicable, property addresses, job descriptions and cost of the planned improvements in Seabrook:

Hunter, 5 Deer Crossing, residential, generator system, $9,000

Campbell, 13 Coleman Court, residential, addition/alteration, expansion of deck, $22,600

Bernhard, 16 Greenleaf Drive, residential, deck addition, $1,000

Holmes, 35 Halls Way, residential, finish room over garage, $2,500

M and J Realty Trust Campbell, 2 Timber Court., residential, irrigation, $3,250

Heritage Village Realty Trust/Lonergan, 779 Lafayette Road, commercial, lighting, $250

Oh-No Realty Trust/Douglas, 34 Lafayette Road, industrial, plumbing, install bay sinks, $1,500

Adams, 337 Lafayette Road, commercial, electrical permit, $1,500

Dawson Seabrook LLC c/o Frederick, commercial fire alarm wiring, $2,000

Dry Air Systems Inc., 99 Ledge RoAD, industrial, fire alarm install, $4,000

Peabody, 464 New Zealand Road, residential, alteration of garage, $250

Wal-Mart Stores Inc (Tower) c/o/ ATT Communications, 11 Batchelder Road, commercial, electrical, telecommunications, $1,000

DCC Development Corporation, 130 Ledge Road, industrial, plumbing permit, $1,800

Lang, 109 Whip-poor-will St., residential, deck, $3,000

Ogorman, 48 Alison Drive, residential, deck, $1,400

Merola/Tatarinowicz, 31 Folly Mill Road, residential, above-ground pool, $500

McKenney, 9 Lighthouse Way, residential, screen house, $4,300

Haughton/Daley, 2 Woodland Ave., residential, electrical permit, generator wiring, $800

Town of Seabrook/Gruhn Stripping Building, 500 Route 107, municipal, water pump station, remodel and re-roof, $3,500

Oh-No Realty Trust/Drew Douglas Trustee, 34 Folly Mill Road, interior fit-up, food prep room, $7,000

Perkins, 59 South Main St., residential addition, porch, install new windows and re-side, $10,000

Mock, 18 Quaker Lane, plumbing permit, irrigation system, $300

Fredette, 9 Whittier Drive, plumbing, gas piping, $1,000

Seabrook International LLC, 15 Woodworkers Way, industrial, mechanical permit, $58,000

Seabrook International LLC, 15 Woodworkers Way, industrial, electrical permit, $10,000

Leet, 65 Carolyn Ave., residential, shed, $599

Mayer/Gosselin, 33 Lakeshore Drive, residential, remodel, $13,000

Gardner Susan J Revocable Trust/Gardner Susan J. Trustee, 9 Saltmarsh Ave., residential, electrical permit, generator, $4,200

Town of Seabrook/Sanborn School, 683 Lafayette Road, commercial, electrical permit, Community Action Building, $1,800

Brown, 67 Collins St., residential, mobile home, $52,000

Amato, 74 Walton Road, residential, remodel, siding, $1,800

Lescyn Trust/Cynthia Z Trustee, 70 Farm Lane, residential, remodel, $4,500

Sea Estate Trust Himmer/Keith and Kimberly Trustees, 248 South Main St., residential, roof replacement, $16,000

McLaughlin, 90 Alison Drive, residential, deck, $4,000

Evans Family 1998 Revocable Living Trust, 17 Blueberry Lane, residential, shed, $2,386

Gaffny Family Limited Partnership/Gafny, Lorraine, 115 Lafayette Road, strip and re-roof, replace asphalt shingles, $22,500

Lipman, 15 Butland Ave., add pergola, $500

Sabatino, 13 Halls Way, install irrigation system, $800

Gardner Susan J Revocable Trust/Gardner Susan J Trustee, 9 Saltmarsh Ave., gas hook-up for generator, $300

Declaration of Condominium, 99 Ledge Road, tenant fit-up of units 1, 2 and 3, $10,000

Keefe, 29 Folly Mill Terrace, convert bedroom into a bathroom, $4,000