, Newburyport, MA

November 6, 2012

Charges against son in assault case dropped

By Dave Rogers Staff Writer
Newburyport Daily News

---- — AMESBURY — Charges have been dropped against a local man accused of threatening to finish the work his father had started when he allegedly stabbed a female acquaintance in the face and then tried to suffocate her back in September.

Kennith S. McDermit, 19, of 25 Lafayette St. Ext., Amesbury, had been charged with two counts of threatening to commit a crime, assault and intimidating a witness. Essex County District Attorney spokeswoman Carrie Kimball Monahan said the charges against McDermit were dismissed last week at the victim’s request.

McDermit’s father, Shawn A. McDermit, 41, 35 Macy Terrace, was charged with attempted murder, mayhem, domestic assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. According to Amesbury police, Shawn McDermit admitted trying to kill the victim but lamented not using a sharper knife.

“I picked the wrong weapon,” Shawn McDermit allegedly told police.

Shawn McDermit remains behind bars awaiting possible trial after a district court judge last month found him too dangerous to be released on bail. He is due back in court Dec. 3 for a probable cause hearing, according to Kimball Monahan.

According to reports, police found Shawn McDermit sitting in a living room smoking a cigarette. Police immediately handcuffed the suspect and walked him to the hallway. It is there that he allegedly told police he should have used a sharper knife.

The victim was found lying on the floor of the living room pressing a towel to her face to staunch the flow of blood. Blood was visible on her clothes, towel and skin.

Amesbury police Sgt. Glenn Chaput in his report said the suspect had rolled on top of her while she was lying in bed, stabbed her in the face with a kitchen knife and then tried to smother her with a pillow. Amesbury paramedics soon arrived at the scene and treated her injuries. Police placed a 13-inch kitchen knife in an evidence bag, took photos of the scene and secured pillows and blankets.

Police reported that during booking, Shawn McDermit made it clear he was homicidal and that he wanted to the kill the victim, claiming she had ruined his family. He told police he had planned how he was going to kill her for three days. He also told police he had sent his children a text stating how much he loved them and that he didn’t think he’d ever see them again.

The next day, the victim, staying at a different location, was allegedly approached by Kennith McDermit, who at first appeared helpful and friendly. But soon after, he became enraged and threatened to kill her.