, Newburyport, MA

April 19, 2013

Plum Island man convicted in copper theft

By Dave Rogers
Staff Writer

---- — NEWBURYPORT - A Plum Island man with a self-proclaimed heroin addiction avoided jail time yesterday after admitting he stole copper wire from a Newburyport marina earlier this week and selling it to a Boston scrap metal dealer.

Masen Connors, 27, of 48th St., Newbury, was sentenced to 18 months in a house of corrections with jail time was suspended for two years while on probation. As part of his probation, Connors must remain drug and alcohol free with random screens, pay a to-be-determined amount of restitution and $90 to the Victims Witness Fund.

Connors will still have to answer charges based out of Gloucester District Court involving receiving stolen property more than $250 and larceny over $250 by false pretenses.

According to the police report of Inspector Matthew Simons, Connors drove his Volvo SUV into the Newburyport Marina off Water Street Monday around lunchtime and grabbed a roll of copper dock wire valued between $800 and $1000. A marina employee who thought Connors was a new employee and was transporting wire to another location offered to help. As the witness helped load the wire into Connors SUV, the two engaged in light conversation. The witness became suspicious when he asked Connors where he was going with the wiring only for Connors to tell him he didn’t know.

As Connors left the marina, the witness took down his license plate and informed the marina’s manager. Recognizing Connors action as a theft, the manager called police. Police were able to track down the license plate to Connors and learned that Connors had been arrested and convicted by local police for larceny in 2011.

“The circumstances surrounding the 2011 case involved the same thefts of copper wire dock,” Simons report read.

Simons was able to obtain an arrest warrant for Connors and on Wednesday drove to the Plum Island residence he shared with his mother. Along with Newburyport police Inspector Michael Sugrue and officer Michael Wilichoski, Simons arrested Connors without incident. Simons said his mother told police her son had a heroin problem and had been staying with her for more than a week.

At the station, Connors told police he sold the wire to a Boston scrap dealer for $117 and then drove to Lynn where he bought heroin. Connors was very cooperative and remorseful when speaking with police and admitted he stole the wiring in broad daylight as a cry for help, adding he didn’t know any other life outside of heroin, according to Simons’ report.

“It is my belief that Masen was being sincere when stating that he needs help and wants to be rehabilitated,” Simons wrote in his report.