, Newburyport, MA

September 4, 2013

Mayor election 2013: Profile of Greg Earls

Newburyport Daily News

---- — Candidate’s Statement

Newburyport needs a mayor who will listen, and act upon, the will of the people, who will keep local government open and inclusive and who has the proven ability to work with all residents and stakeholders equally. I am the most qualified candidate to serve as your mayor with my municipal experience, professional career and temperament.

For the past 12 years I have had the privilege of serving on the City Council. Being from the South End, I have worked with residents and local business owners to find mutually beneficial solutions to issues such as parking, street and sidewalk maintenance, noise and traffic. I will continue to be an advocate for a non-privatized Waterfront Park. This park will be finished by utilizing a portion of paid parking receipts in the form of a revenue bond. The residents of Newburyport have responded to three surveys stating their will for an open waterfront.

In my professional work, I have been in the building and design trades my entire adult life, having worked in for-profit companies, owning my own business and currently being employed as a vocational educator in a nonprofit organization. This wide array of experience has given me the opportunity to work with various stakeholders and cooperate with people on many levels.

I have worked with four mayors, five school superintendents and scores of city councilors and School Committee members. My goal has always been to collaborate with all other city officials to the benefit of all city residents. This is done through cooperation, support and communication. To that end, one of my first priorities will be to keep residents and other stakeholders informed of issues which affect their lives such as downtown development plans, building construction updates, adaptive re-uses of city buildings, landfill closure and much needed improvements of streets, sidewalks and local parks. I will proactively seek advice from every constituent, whether we agree or not, in order to find the best solutions to our challenges. The residents and taxpayers of this great city deserve nothing less.

I ask for your vote on Sept. 17 and Nov. 5.

Age: 55

Years in Newburyport: 16

Family: Married to Nancy Edman Earls, 27 years; 2 sons, Luke Earls, 24, Elias Earls. 22.

Education: bachelor’s degree in marketing, University of Connecticut; Urban Planning Certificate Program, Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies; Master of Architecture, Southern California Institute of Architecture

Current employment: Director of Construction and Carpentry Instructor, Lawrence Family Development Charter School YouthBuild Program, Lawrence; Principal, Milk Street Builders, Newburyport; beekeeper

Past employment: Director of Construction, Community Teamwork, Inc.’s YouthBuild, Lowell

Political/public service experience: Serving 12 years on City Council, chair of License and Permit Committee, member and past chair of Joint Education Committee, member of Cable Advisory Committee. Served on the Skateboard Park Siting Committee, Downtown Parking Committee, Established South End Neighborhood Watch

Top 3 priorities:

1 — Non-privatized waterfront: We now have a solid financial revenue stream from paid parking with which to keep the Waterfront Park non-privatized. This is what the majority of residents desire demonstrated by the three city-wide surveys.

2 — Economic development: We must focus on the Route 1 traffic circle, the gateway to our city, for new mixed-use development. Also, we must work proactively to attract businesses to the industrial park. Technology and light manufacturing need to be encouraged.

3 — Inclusive and open government: As mayor, I will keep the residents and other stakeholders informed of updates, plans and issues that affect them. No longer will information regarding downtown development, the landfill and a host of other important challenges we face be withheld from the public.