, Newburyport, MA

August 23, 2013

Exotic dancer's helicopter arrival turns heads


---- — SALISBURY — Police chiefs are accustomed to handling some strange situations, but Wednesday’s report that a helicopter had landed in the parking lot of Kitten’s Gentlemen’s Club got the attention of Salisbury police Chief Tom Fowler.

“First, I got an email from the building inspector,” Fowler said. “He said, ‘Just to give you a head’s up, there’s a helicopter in Kitten’s parking lot.’ Then I got a call from the Fire Department. They wanted to know if it was an emergency landing of some sort, and if it was legal to land a helicopter there.”

The Fire Department became aware of the situation after a driver for Atlantic Ambulance Service drove by the Bridge Road strip club and noticed it, calling officials to report the strange sight.

Around mid-afternoon, Fowler asked Sgt. Timothy Hunter to send someone over to check it out. Officer Richard Dellaria got the assignment and paid the club a visit.

“I was told it was a small helicopter, for one or two people, like the ones you see at Plum Island (Airfield),” Fowler said. “It was in the back parking lot of Kitten’s. The officer was told it landed with the permission of the property owner and it had something to do with the arrival of a guest dancer at Kitten’s. You can’t make up things like this.”

According to Fowler, his officer was told the individual who arrived via helicopter is a well-known dancer who performs under the stage name of “Bridget the Midget.”

The Daily News was unsuccessful in reaching Kitten’s Gentlemen’s Club owner Kevin Moury for comment. But a search of the Internet showed a Facebook page dedicated to Bridget Powers, a.k.a “Bridget the Midget,” constructed and dedicated to the dancer by her fans.

Kitten’s Facebook page has the same picture of the exotic dancer with evidence that Bridget had performed at the Salisbury club at least twice in the past.

Unfamiliar with FAA regulations, Fowler couldn’t say whether it’s OK to land a helicopter in a parking lot on a heavily settled busy highway corridor. When the town has to bring in a medical helicopter to airlift an injured individual to a Boston hospital, procedure is it lands at the athletic fields at Lion’s Park, Fowler said, which in behind the Salisbury Fire Station.

Clearly, given the number of utility wires on Bridge Road, it take a pretty skilled pilot to maneuver a helicopter in and out of the parking lot of an operating business.