, Newburyport, MA

September 6, 2013

Newburyport building permits

Newburyport Daily News

---- — NEWBURYPORT – The following is the May and June list of building permits recipients, contractors when applicable, property addresses, job description and cost of planned improvements.


Sarkisian/DM Construction, 15 Dennett Drive, strip and re-roof, $7,250

Cole, 5 Plum Island Turnpike, construct an 18’-by-24’ deck, $1,370

Gray/Superior Roofing , 230 High Street, strip and re-roof, $4,900

Crocker/Pettis, 102 Low Street, strip and re-roof,$ 8,165

Colonial Heights Condo Assoc/Dandurant, 10 Zabriskie Drive, reconstruct front decks on building for four units, $15,850

McCann & Wallace/Matthew, 474 Merrimac Street, install pine clapboard on main house including 11 windows, $54,000

Ranney/Baird Construction Inc., 126 High Street, Unit 1, Remodel unit one completely with new kitchen, bathroom upgrades, fire separated assemblies, install eight windows, $46,920

Marshalls/Groom Construction, 25 Storey Avenue, remodel bathroom, fitting rooms, floor repairs,etc., $92,500

TSR Realty Trust/Gary Ingalls, 100 Pleasant Street, Unit 1, remodel bathroom, $5,470

Plorte/Wood, 289 High Street, strip and re-roof, $11,900

Haber/Defelice, 28 Erie Avenue, construct 12’-by-14’ deck, install patio door and two windows, $10,925

O’Conner/Martinoli, 131 Merrimac Street, Unit 2, kitchen remodel, $10,425

Joseph Philbin 27 LaValley Lane, install French door and two vinyl windows, $2,000

Colomycki/The Green Cocoon, 7 Goldsmith Drive, air sealing, scuttle cover and insulation in attic, $2,500

Lessard/Colpitts, 53 Frances Drive, strip and re-roof, $18,497

Boyd/ Ackerman, 20 Broad Street, strip and replace (approximately 6 sq.) cedar clapboards, $5,100

Labarba/Johnson & Rich Co., 164-166 Merrimac Street, remodel 2nd floor rear kitchen and bath, remodel 1st floor rear bathroom with new window, $28,600

Brown’s Wharf 1st Floor East Core Improvements/Adams Point Contracting, 40 R Merrimac Street, construct an approximate 12’ acoustical wall, $4,000

O’Connor/Jednak, 52 Purchase Street, strip and re-roof rear of home, $8,435

MacNeil/Bushweel, 54 High Street, strip and re-roof, $14,524

Kiley/Kilkelly, 29 Milk Street, $14,524, strip and re-roof (rear) , $14,524

Schoomaker/Superior Roofing, 6 Independent Street, strip and re-roof, $5,400

Dwyer, 11 Olive Street, kitchen remodel, $9,500

Glynn/2 Penn, 33 Storeybrooke, strip and re-roof, $6,500

Foster/2 Penn, 21 Dove Street, strip and re-roof, $6,500

Lipsky/McKinney, 26 Olive Street, strip and re-roof, $10,875

Knox, 9 Parker Ridge Way West, Minor bathroom remodel, $10,000

Succi, 10 62nd Street, remove six existing solar panels and install 8 new solar panels, $8,200

Smith/Miller, 130 High Street, Unit 1, strip and re-roof right side of flat roof, $5,300

Mercer, 13 Collins Street, install 14 replacement windows, $2,310

Coffey/Murphy, 2 Summit Place, install 18 replacement windows, $12,525

Newburyport Development/Sirois, 48 Inn Street, install two windows, $2,000

Rogers/Becker, 32 Carter Street, construct an 8’-by-8’ roof top deck with hatch opening with ships ladder, $20,000

Williamson/Sunbug Solar, 55-57 Pleasant Street, install 60 solar panels to roof of building, $94,546

Thomas/Perry Brothers, 21 Barton Street, complete remodel of 2nd floor bathroom with new walls, install gas boiler, $26,000

Spencer, 11 Pond Street, upgrade entrance, add new entrance to cellar, core updates of HVAC, electrical and plumbing, $35,900

T Mobile Northeast/J Lee Associates, 95 Storey Avenue, replace three existing antennae and add three new antennae, $13,000

Nancy Flynn Trust/Nancy Flynn Trustee, 36 Lime Street, re-roof, new clapboards and trim, install storm windows, minor cosmetic work, $50,000

City Light Homes/ Boccelli, 35-37 Kent Street, complete remodel of two units with structural beams, stairways, includes two new 1/2 baths on 1st floor for each unit, $45,000

Meyer/Pella Windows, 126 Merrimac Street, Unit 48, install four replacement windows, $13,000

Lamoureux/ Bell , 45 Beacon Avenue, strip and re-roof, $3,800

Custom House Martime/The Heritage Company, 25 Water Street, replace existing copper roof with new one, $18,000

Knox/Pella Windows, 9 Parker Ridge, Way West, install one sliding replacement window, $1,700

Sadowski/Lowes, 100 Low Street, install nine replacement windows, $3,000

Bourdeau, 76 High Street, reconstruct existing screened-in porch including roof, $12,600

Knight/Ellis, 5 Philips Drive, install 14 sq. vinyl siding, $6,600

Harris and Beberman/Horton, 88 High Street, Unit A, construct a single story 4-bay garage attached to home with roof deck on top, $143,776

Nelson, 130 Old Point Road, strip and re-roof, $10,000

55-57 Pleasant St/Christopher J Kolodziej, 55-57 Pleasant Street, strip and re-roof with rubber roofing system, $30,000

deStadler, 19 Walnut Street Unit, kitchen remodel with window over, $10,316

Perry, 23 Turkey Hill Road, complete gut and remodel of second floor and 3/4 bathroom, $12,075

Swap/Chamberlin, 2 Harrison Street, strip and re-roof, $8,000

King/Langan, 240 Merrimac Street, Unit 2, remodel two bathrooms, $12,720

Tietjen/2 Penn, 267 High Street, strip and re-roof, $7,000

Shea/Teel, 23 Elmira Avenue, strip and re-roof, $7,500

Courtyard in Newburyport/U S Roofing, 47, 47A, 49, 51A Warren Street, strip and re-roof four unit building, $22,740

Robinson/Kelleher, 30 Woodland Street, strip and re-roof, replace windows, install header for French door, $39,450

Smith, 5 South Pond Street, move one wall 2’ into bedroom and provide 3/4 second floor bathroom, $14,000

Adams/Pettis, 18 Liberty Street, strip and re-roof, $12,000

Matheson/DaWayne Parsley/Palladino, 90 High Street, replace walls, floor and shower area only, $12,000

Preto/Home Depot, 43 Middle Street, replace 11 windows, $6,000

Jervah, 121 Water Street, install four new windows and raise lip 6-inches on slider door, $7,000

Tyler/Next Step Living, 54 Curzon Mill road, air sealing and attic insulation, $1,014

Kelleher/Ridenour, 126 Merrimac Street, Unit 27, install two windows, $3,010

Chorbanian/Partland, 55 Washington Street, extend first floor straight up to second floor, kitchen expansion with remodel first floor including kitchen, dining, living room and den, entry area, $73,000

Heggie, 3 Munroe Street A, remove non-load bearing wall for master bathroom remodel, $3,000

Landry/Action Inc., 38 Oakland Street, Unit 38, air sealing and blown-in insulation for Unit 38, $4,500

Wightman/Jaworski, 47 Carter Street, replace one bay window unit and remodel, $30,950

Newburyport Housing Authority/Wayne Roofing Systems LLC, 25 Temple Street, strip and re-roof, $263,000

Caswell Development Ashland LLC/Caswell Development, 39 Ashland Street, demolition of a single family (at risk permit) , $7,500

Caswell/Caswell Development, 325 High Street, demolition of a 1 1/2 story, 24’-by-36’ single family, $9,000

Leone/LaRoche, 38-40 Merrimac Street, interior exploratory demolition, $5,000

4 Arlington St Realty Trust/Reddy, 4 Arlington Street, exploratory interior demolition, $5,000

First Ipswich Bank/Sign Art, 155 State Street, install a wall sign, $4,180

First Ipswich Bank/Sign Art, 155 State Street, install a free standing sign, $850

RR Traders, 3 Middle Street, install a projecting and window sign, $350

Jaffe (Pure & Simple Home), 1 Merrimac Street, Unit, install a wall, projecting sign and banner, $500

Zampell/Bourque, 3 William Griffin Way, construct 1 story, 24’-by-46’, 3-car detached garage, $40,000

Bourque/Bourque, James C, 1 William Griffin Way, construct 1 1/2 story single family with 2-car garage, $675,000

Morris/Norman, 38 North Atkinson Street, construct 1 1/2 story with detached 1/12 story 2-car garage including a farmer’s porch and 1 1/2 story addition, $370,000

Kutcher/Bardku Inc., 251 Merrimac Street, construct single story, 14’-by-22’ garage, $15,000

Catalano, 85 Turkey Hill Road, shed, $4,000

Leblanc/J Gallant Pool & Spa, 3 Lucey Drive, install a 16’-by-38’ in-ground swimming pool, $20,900

Koglin/Northern Pool & Spa, 79 Curzon Mill Road, install a gunite in-ground swimming pool, $62,000

Pentucket Medical/Seacoast Tent Rental, 260 Merrimac Street, temporary 40’-by-60’ tent, $1,000

Rizzo/Pollard, 21 Munroe Street, install a wood stove, $1,800


Koglin/Bilodeau , 79 Curzon Mill Road, construct 1 story 16’-by-18’ sun room, 16’-by-22’ deck, 12’-by-18’ pool cabana with 2 shade overhangs, $94,000

Leary/2 Penn, 62 Washington Street, strip and re-roof, $3,200

Smith/2 Penn, 26 Frances Drive, strip and re-roof, $9,600

Gleason/Lambert Roofing, 30 Jefferson Street, strip and re-roof upper dormer, $1,500

Eckert/Atlantic Weatherization LLC, 89 Lime Street, air sealing and blown-in insulation, $1,800

Turi, 15 Ashland Court, construct 2-story addition, $40,000

Adams/Sinclair, 44 Kent Street, complete bathroom expansion and renovation by removing 5’ non- bearing wall, $8,675

Plante/The Green Cocoon, 289 High Street, air sealing and insulation, $1,803

Condon/Smith, 2 Hill Street, Unit A, remove existing deck and reconstruct 15’-by-20’ deck, $13,653

Fortuna/ Catalano, 34 Daniel Lucy Way, master bath expansion and remodel, $21,900

Hamel/Hathaway, 18 Arlington Street, reconstruct front porch, enclose to make 3-season room, $19,560

Buckley, 10 Vernon Street, construct a 6’-by-10’ deck expansion, $250.00

The Whale LLC/Audette, 211 High Street, complete rehab of a 3-unit building bathrooms, kitchens, small 2-story expansion 13’-by-18’, $300,000

Spies/Ribitaille, 146 High Street, remodel second floor bathroom, add laundry room and two closets in bedrooms, $50,000

Fadil, 33 Hill Street, extend existing deck with 8’-by-16’ extension, $500

Dr. Sam Merabi/ Park Woodbary Construction, 7 Brown Square, complete reconfiguration of the second and third-floor apartment with new windows, $114,000

Richard Tierney, 138 Hale Street, overlay existing roof, $2,500

Panzica/Johnson, 13 Allen Street, kitchen remodel, remove chimney, non-bearing wall to enlarge entrance, $25,380

Shactman, 13 Bayberry Road, remove existing deck and rebuild (12’-by-18’),$1,700

Garand/Kilkelly, 163 Low Street, strip and re-roof main roof, $6,000

Sayer/Carreiro, 10 Ship Street, replace front entry door, $1,017

Moore/Carreiro, 14 Ship Street, replace front entry door, $1,052

Blanchette/Carreiro, 16 Ship Street, replace front entry door, $1,017

4 A Arlington St Realty Trust/Reddy, 4 Arlington Street, renovate a two family, kitchens, bathrooms, construct spiral rear second deck and stairway to Unit B, $100,000

Melanson/Home Depot, 6 Pheasant Run Drive, install 8 windows, $4,794

Immaculate Conception Parish/Murphy Construction, Storey Avenue, repair existing outbuilding with new roof, new trim and paint. $17,000

Stephen Goodwin, 516 Merrimac Street, remodel to create third floor, full bath, fix ceilings and walls due to water damage (amended for additional work due to the water damage $15,000), $37,000

Murphy/Chase, 14 Vernon Street, complete remodel of 1/2 house including kitchen, 1 1/2 bathrooms, fire rated assembly between units, $140,000

Brooks, 51A Reservation Terrace, strip and re-roof (amended to include removal of deck, re-install deck and railings, replace wall and windows of sun room below deck, remove kitchen on first floor, cost $5,000), $11,600

Belleville Congregational Church/Murphy Construction, 300 High Street, replace wood decking at front entrance of parish hall, $11,800

Moskowitz/Sunbug Solar, 12 Charron Drive, install 16 solar panels to roof, $22,260

Masiello/Hughes, 22 High Street, install French door, remove non-bearing 12’ wall and construct small 2’-by-4’ closet in hallway, $1,500

Trach, 144 Low Street, move 1/2 bath to laundry and move washer and dryer to kitchen area, $4,828

Kilmartin, 25 LaValley Lane, swap kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity, $3,900.00

Vigneault/MacDougall, 341 High Street, remodel employee bathroom in basement, $3,500.00

Jed Hellstrom/Next Step Living, 29 Ashland Street, air sealing and attic insulation, $1,574

Hansen/Next Step Living, 12 Carleton Drive, air sealing and insulation, $3,269

Angelo/Next Step Living, 32 Frances Drive, air sealing and attic insulation, $1,226

Laruffa/Kaminski, 8 Maple Street, remove existing deck, rebuild, renovate 2nd floor bathroom, add kitchen island, $30,000

Dinelli/2 Penn, 30 LaValley Lane, strip and re-roof, $5,500

Tardiff/Scanlon, 34 Olive Street, Unit A, install 18 replacement windows, $6,950

Kuzminski/Scanlon, 36 Olive Street, install 13 replacement windows, $5,075

Beauparlant, 3 Belcher Street, convert garage to in-law apartment expanding mudroom to house, 8’-by-17’ master bedroom addition and farmers porch on in-law unit, $100,000

Mercurio/Tahoe Custom Homes, 4 Kent Street, remove existing siding, installing pre-primed clapboards, seven vinyl windows, $7,450

Berkowitz/ Taylor III, 2 Woodwell Avenue, remove roof and rebuild with 7’ shed dormer, complete rehab of structure, $297,300

Lauder/Caswell Development, 38 Oak Street, construct a one-story addition, $35,000

Bates/Sager, 19 Cutting Drive, contractor to remove brick entry way and construct new entry, $5,100.00

Cebula/Pettis, 26 Boardman Street, strip and re-roof, $4,125

Rooney, 12 53rd Street, replace 10 windows, $6,873

Adams/Rezza, 133 State Street, contractor to install 11 windows, $16,036

Marella/Action Inc., 40 Washington Street, contractor to insulate attic to 3rd floor unit, $2,100

Affolter/Next Step Living, 39 Virginia Lane, contractor to insulate attic, $1,904

Fuller/Next Step Living, 61 Spofford Street, contractor to insulate attic, $2,247

Chambers/White, 31 Federal Street, contractor to install four replacement windows, $1,548

James Steam Mill/Georgoulis Construction, 1 Charles Street, contractor to strip and re-roof, $95,340

Coogen/Greene, 3 Allen Street, contractor to install two replacement windows, $1,087

McEllhinney/Joppa Design Inc., 197 High Street, contractor to construct a two-floor addition, $160,000

Sobel/Tudor Construction, 5 Orange Street, contractor to remodel 3/4 bath and kitchen, $28,750

Baltich/McPartland, 33 Toppans Lane, contractor to remove an addition and construct a new addition (approximately 25’-by-50’), $297,000

Johnston/Kaminski, 9 Pond Street, interior exploratory demolition for purposes of rebuild and strip and re-roof, $5,000

Gardner/Ahles, 95 Water Street, demolition of five buildings from National Grid transformer station, $7,000

Rochester Electronics/Sign Center, 10 Malcolm Hoyt Road, install a free standing sign, $1,995

Strem Chemical/Sign Center, 7 Mulliken Way, install a wall sign, $2,500

Paglia/J Gallant Pool and Spa, 6 William Hall Drive, install a 20’-by- 36’ in-ground swimming pool, $24,000

Brown, 157 Crow Lane, installation of a wood stove, $500