, Newburyport, MA

October 17, 2011

real estate transfers


1 Adams Ct: US Bank NA to Dimitrios Nikitas, $47,500

48 Bartletts Reach: Carlin E. and Jane T. Journeay to Joseph and Susan M. Santora, $405,000

1 Brown Ave: Antonio A. Herrera to Scott Samet, $80,000

104 Elm St: Melissa L. Gagnon and Morequity Inc to Morequity Inc, $244,824

115 Elm St: FNMA to Matthew Laut, $57,800

4 Erin Rd: Boberin LLC to Zachary and Sara Grimbilas, $399,900

1 Hillside Ave: Claudia R. Suslavich to Jeannette Goflin, $105,000

29 Lake Attitash Rd: James M Hartwell T and James M. Hartwell to Margaret Nally, $236,000

63 Madison St: Najib G. and Paul Daaboul to Craig R. and Lindsay Pouliot, $392,500

3 Mason Ct Unit 3: Claire R. Beaupre and Beneficial Massachusetts to Beneficial Mass Inc, $11,063

32 Middle Rd: Rudolph M. and Phillis J. Knapp to Gregory S. and Emily D. Cullen, $435,000

6-a N Martin Rd: Gregory S. and Emily C. Cullen to Jose A. and Holly C. Garcia, $265,000

133 Pleasant Valley Rd: Theodore P. Avtges and Anna Gagliardi to Matthew J. and Sharon Sweeney, $640,000


5 Chaplin Hill Rd: Edward W. and Lorraine A. Rogers to John R. and Rosalia G. Coombe, $708,500

49 Lakeshore Dr: Robin Saraceno to Daniel A. and Sandra M. Carideo, $282,000

1 Littles Hill Ln Unit 6: Camelot RT and Craig W. Spear to Matthew A. Antonelli and Laura M. Martineau, $585,000

1 Wilkins Pl Unit 15c: David W. and Kimberly J. Armstrong to Matthew and Dolorec C. Mahoney, $400,000


30 Byfield Rd: Thomas R. and Keren A. Brann to Brian D. and Kathleen M. Burke, $250,000

13 Groveland Commons Way Unit 13: Andrew J. Minnick and Bank Of America NA to FNMA, $158,000

496 Main St: Rillie Harris to Jennifer A. Jones, $218,000

768 Salem St: Ian Mckenna to Marybeth Pingley, $290,000


10 Lakewoods Dr: PJs Const LLC to Peter J. and Crystal L. Galvin, $489,000

5 Liberty St: James R. Clark and Sherry L. Jones to James R. Clark, $112,000

2 Merrimac Ave: Regina M. Defreitas to Nicholas P. Valhouli, $134,000

117 W Main St: Darlene and Bernice Fitzpatrick to Sabrina RT and Betty Cotter, $90,000


3 S Pond St: John and Marion Clough to Valerie A. Arraj and Edward G. Kalogeros, $440,000


18 Cutting Dr: US Bank NA to James and Deborah Comeau, $276,949

33 Elmira Ave: US Bank NA to Mark Rosen and Paula Estey, $226,900

58 High St Unit 2: Allen Christopher S Est and Katherine J. Spofford to Bruce E. and Kathleen P. Wagner, $305,000

17 Milk St: Tara Patrican to Stuart and Kristine D. Steinberg, $733,000

8-12 Perry Way: DLI Props LLC to AJ Clad LLC, $932,000

39 Reservation Ter: Gloria R. Thomas and Carol A. Honor to Ross P. Solomon and Linn L. Soloman, $400,000

129-135 Water St: HSBC Bank USA NA to 129-135 Water Street Dev, $240,000

32 Wildwood Dr: Michael A. and Elaine M. Backler to Jessica L. and Gregory J. Garinger, $469,900


107 Leslie Rd: 107 Leslie Road RT and Jane B. Wilson to Jeffrey S. Anderson and Elizabeth J. Lamson, $315,000

15 Warehouse Ln: Michelle M. Vaillancourt and Robert M. Beaudoin to Gaurang and Alison Kadakia, $329,900


12 Garden St: Joseph E. Lojko to Marcello A. Quiroz, $310,000

14 Norino Dr: Vincent and Maria Vinciguerra to Andrew A. and Annette Z. Kafalas, $265,000