, Newburyport, MA

November 19, 2012

AHS Class of '62 donates $2,000 for students, activities

Newburyport Daily News

---- — AMESBURY — The Amesbury High School Class of 1962 celebrated its 50th reunion on Sept. 29 and 30. Friday evening was a meet and greet at Lowell’s Boat Shop for classmates and guests. Food and desserts were provided by the committee that organized the weekend. Committee members were: Helen Barnaby Cutter, Shirley Bartley Palermo, Joanne Bourque DeOliveira, Gini Chrest Rooney, Sue Farrell Ferlazzo, Maureen Flanagan Donahue, Jill Healey, Gina Jacques Mansourian, Gail Klein Lisauskas, Dennis and Roberta Levesque, Don MacAskill, Cathy MacKenzie Fournier, Margie Mann McCabe, Marsha Merritt Gadarowski and Donna Terry Sands. Beverages included water, soda, wine, coffee and a beer tasting by Cody Beer Company. A beautiful tribute to classmates who have passed away was created by Margie Mann McCabe and Jill Healey.

Saturday morning began with a tour of the renovated high school at 5 Highland St. provided by Principal Roy Hamond. The alumni found this informative and enlightening to see the many improvements, especially in technology, from their school days. The Class of 1962 graduated two years before the big fire that took down their school located at Main Street where the current Middle School is housed. This was followed by a tour of the Holy Family Parish Center (former St. Joseph School) led by Dennis Donahue, as many of the class had attended school there prior to Amesbury High School.

The main event was held Saturday evening at the 1686 House in Kingston, N.H. Vice President Gini Chrest Rooney began the evening with a moment of silence to honor class members who have departed and explain the evening’s activities.

Centerpieces were provided by Jill Healey. A fundraiser raffle was held throughout the evening as 39 items were raffled. It was due to the generosity of business people in Amesbury, Newburyport, Salisbury, Seabrook, and South Hampton that Shirley Bartley Palermo and Gail Klein Lisauskas were able to gather many items that were donated to the raffle. In addition, classmates contributed: a handmade quilt made by Helen Barnaby Cutter and Donna Terry Sands; a handmade quilt made by Jill Healey; a hand-knitted hat and felted slippers made by Gini Chrest Rooney; a table runner made by Joanne Jacques; placemats, coasters, wine bag and hot pad made by Maureen Flanagan Donahue; an Amesbury Basket provided by Scott Briggs, bottles of wine by Sue Farrell Ferlazzo and a handmade dory made by Margie Mann McCabe. As a result of the raffle and donations received from classmates the Amesbury High School Class of 1962 is able to donate $1,000 to Amesbury High School to directly benefit student activities needs, $500 to the SEA Fund for Student Enrichment and $500 to the 50 Year Anniversary Fund, which distributes scholarship money to seniors at graduation.

Those in attendance for the weekend were:

Gloria Anderson Bogannam and sister Leslie, Bob Andrews, Les Ball and wife Martha, Shirley Bartley Palermo and husband Jay, Betty Blaisdell Daneau and husband Normand, David Boudreau, Joanne Bourque DeOliveira and husband David, Scott Briggs and wife Karen, G.O. Burdick and wife Linda, Gini Chrest Rooney, Carol Clark, Doug Cloutier and wife Carol, Frances Condon, Richard Cutter and wife Helen, Vickie Deschenes Brindle, Anne Dickson Scholz and sister Mary, Theresa Drouin, Susan Farrell Ferlazzo and husband Les, Maureen Flanagan Donahue and husband Dennis, Kathy Gagnon Valliere, Jill Healey and brother Jeff, Karen Holston Verrinder, Gina Jacques Mansourian and husband Dick, Roberta Jones Levesque and husband Dennis Levesque, Meredith Josephson Bruce and husband Hobie, Janet Kaminsky Coskery and husband John, Gail Klein Lisauskas and husband Jim, Jack Kozec and wife Madeline, Tom Krafton, Vandella Landeck Hall and husband Dave, Don MacAskill, Cathy MacKenzie Fournier and husband Henry, Marjorie Mann McCabe, Roger Mason and wife MaryLou, William McDonald, Marsha Merritt Gadarowski and husband Jim, Sally Murphy Sands and husband David Sands, Leonard Sands and wife Donna Terry Sands, Mary Oliver Kohlman, Richard Peeke and wife Beverly, Wayne Perusse, John Rie and wife Deborah, Doris Roy Tidd and husband Peter, Jerrilyn Roy Girman, Doug Shore and wife Eileen, Sharon Smart Smith and husband Frank, Bradley Thayer and wife Mary, Sandra Volak Clark and husband John, Ann Wilbur Secor and Harry Ziehler.