, Newburyport, MA

December 7, 2012

Memorial bench plaques will fund Bartlet Mall improvements

Newburyport Daily News

---- — NEWBURYPORT — Looking for a holiday gift that will benefit one of the city’s most historic parks?

In an effort to refurbish the benches at Bartlet Mall, the City of Newburyport is offering the public the opportunity to give the gift of a memorial plaque on a bench in the picturesque park at High and Pond streets.

Proceeds from sales of the memorial plaques will go to the care and beautification of the benches and the Mall.

Residents may purchase a bench plaque to remember family members, friends and other loved ones, honor those who have inspired them or celebrate anniversaries and special occasions. The plaques, which will feature the name of the donor or honoree, or a special date, will be mounted on the back of existing or new replacement benches in the park.

Newburyport Parks Administrator Lisë Reid worked with the volunteer members of the Bartlet Mall Commission to develop the program, using a similar citywide bench sponsorship program as a model.

“We hope families, organizations and businesses will see this as a beautiful way to help the city preserve the beauty of the Bartlet Mall,” Bartlet Mall Commission Chairman Walt Thompson said in a press release.

A plaque on an existing Bartlet Mall bench costs $1,000, while a $3,000 donation will buy a new replacement bench with a plaque.

More information and applications are available on the city’s website under the Parks Commission ( and on the Bartlet Mall Facebook page ( Those interested may also call the Parks Commission at 978-465-4462.