, Newburyport, MA

October 25, 2012

Class of 1962 looks back on 50 years

Newburyport Daily News

---- — NEWBURYPORT — The Newburyport High School class of 1962 celebrated its 50th reunion on Aug. 25.

After a late-morning tour of the high school, guests arrived at The Hungry Traveler in Salisbury and were entertained by the folk group Brownie & Danica during the cocktail hour. Classmates joined the rousing finale of “Charlie on the MTA.”

After dinner, everyone gathered for a group photo, with background music provided by the Dancin’ DJ, Pam Valli.

Classmates and guests in attendance were Sherrill Ayles, Donna Bashaw Brooks, Marie Brisson amd Ron Fowler, Kathy Burek, Ralph “Bill” and Suzanne Clark, Prilla Coffin, Curt Curtis and Maryjane LaMare, Bill and Mary Daley, Al and Vicky Decie, Sharon Doyle O’Brien, John and Marilyn Eaton, Linda Eckert Cook, Sue Ebinger and Sam Spencer, Jay and Judy Espovich, Dale Fordham and Ray Hines, Joanne Foster Lind, Donna Geekie and Charlie Doucette, Glen and Donna Gerrish, Thom and Alice Gould, Charlie and Karen Hardy, Ed and Raylene Hardy, Joan Bliss and John Hardy, Jim Henneberry, Jack and Meg Holmes, Jill Johnston, Mary Knight and Bill Garrity, Janet Landford and Ron Corliss, Jean MacLeod and Len Plante, Kay Marshall Dalzell, Betty Morris and Bill McPhee, Diane Needham Fowler, Cindy O’Loughlin Dressler, Ron and Edna Pearson, Dawn Piecewicz Lysik, John and Lorraine Raleigh, Nancy Reardon, Ann Ross Baxter, Howie and Diana Salt, Jerry Sewell and Patty, Bill and Diane Smith, Diane Somers and Bob Noonan, Everett and Sandy Strangman, Bob Teel, David and Mary True, Jenny Swisher and Tony Simone, Ray and Claudia Walton, Judy Wilkinson McLaughlin and Carol Wilkinson, and Jackie Wile Gordon.

Valedictorian Bill Clark and salutatorian Ann Ross Baxter entertainingly led the class in a NHS Trivia game, ending with the question, “Who can finish this phrase? Awop-bop-a-loo-bop.” The answer came fast and loud: “Alop-bam-boom!” The song was “Tutti Frutti” by Little Richard.

Ed Hardy spoke movingly of the deceased classmates and called for a moment of silence in their memory. It was clearly time for the 1962 seniors to go home. Fortunately, John Hardy traveled 3,113.3 miles to lead a spirited rendition of the “Alma Mata.”