, Newburyport, MA

October 25, 2012

Special Town Meeting approves full warrant

By Jennifer Solis Correspondent
Newburyport Daily News

---- — NEWBURY — Tuesday night’s Special Town Meeting approved all 12 articles on the warrant.

Here’s a breakdown of the action taken:

Article 1: A $293,000 tax override, contingent on the approval of voters Nov. 6, to fund increased salaries, wages and rates for the police, fire, public works and library departments for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012. Voters must now authorize the tax hike at the polls for it to be enacted.

Article 2: Adjustments to the omnibus budget voted at the May 22 Annual Town Meeting as follows, with a net total cost of $69,010:

Professional and technical services: $10,000 increase

Finance Department salary and wages: $30,000 increase

Public buildings improvement: $20,000 increase

Police Department salary and wages: $100,000 increase

Byfield call fire wages: $26,000 increase

Newbury call fire wages: $26,000 increase

Health insurance costs: $142,990 decrease

Article 3: $12,500 from the Library Exterior Building Envelope Survey and $700 from the Newbury Elementary Roof Repairs into the Building Improvements Account

Article 4: $32,575 for a new police cruiser

Article 5: $139,225 for a new dump truck

Article 6: $4,423.80 to repair the fire alarm system

Article 7: Amendments to the zoning bylaws governing the Light Industrial Byfield District to permit light fabrication and repair, including welding, carpentry and pipe/duct fabrication, and to allow machine shops; to permit commercial forestry and growing of all vegetation; to allow electric power generation/distribution by special permit in certain districts granted by selectmen; and change the issuing authority for special permits for electric power generation/distribution from the Planning Board to the Board of Selectmen.

Article 8: An amendment to town bylaws to create more flexibility on when the annual town meeting can be held each spring.

Article 9: Several amendments to the personnel policy pertaining to sick days and vacation time.

Article 10: A petition to the General Court to allow Newburyport to impose liens on those properties in Newbury that connect to its water and sewer systems.

Article 11: Acceptance of Colby Lane as a public way

Article 12: A citizens’ petition to petition the General Court to authorize the relocation, replacement, reconstruction and maintenance of a piling-supported building in Newbury. The petition was sponsored by Norman Rehn and signed by more than 100 registered voters.