, Newburyport, MA

April 30, 2013

Government at a glance

Newburyport Daily News

---- — West Newbury Special Town Meeting

April 29, 2013


ARTICLE 1: To hear and act upon the reports of town officers and committees

ARTICLE 2: $25,000 from the Water Enterprise Fund Free Cash Account to purchase water from the City of Newburyport

ARTICLE 3: $20,000 from the Water Enterprise Fund Free Cash Account to the Water Enterprise Stabilization Fund

ARTICLE 4: $20,000 from the Water Enterprise Fund Free Cash Account to purchase new radio read meters

ARTICLE 5: $175,000 for Road and Sidewalk Improvements

ARTICLE 6: $182,840 to purchase a Four-Wheel Drive Loader

ARTICLE 7: $59,000 to purchase a Roadside Mower

ARTICLE 8: $33,912 for carpeting in the 1910 Town Office Building and Annex

ARTICLE 9: $42,900 to fund the Snow and Ice deficit

ARTICLE 10: $40,100 in Community Preservation Act funds to install a bridge over the Indian River and a boardwalk on the Coffin Street trail that connects to “Riverbend West” trails

ARTICLE 11: $14,200 in CPA funds to replace the roof of the Mill Pond Building

ARTICLE 12: Increase the Owner’s Project Contingency fund of the Page School Elementary Building Project to $159,404 to cover potential cost increases associated with unforeseen conditions and/or required design modifications

ARTICLE 13: $105,690 to remove and replace a portion of the existing gymnasium floor as part of the cafetorium renovation for the Page Elementary School Building Project

West Newbury Annual Town Meeting

April 29, 2013


ARTICLE 1: Authorizes the Town Election

ARTICLE 2: Authorizes reports from boards and committees

ARTICLE 3: annual operating budget as amended

ARTICLE 4: To see what instructions, rules and regulations the town may wish to impose on the Board of Water Commissioners

ARTICLE 5: $581,093 for the water department operating budget in anticipation of water department revenues

ARTICLE 6: $300,000 for the Stabilization Fund

ARTICLE 7: $ 21,191.73 from the Septic Loan Revolving Account for the repayment of debt service

ARTICLE 8: $118,829 for debt service on the Dunn Property acquisition

ARTICLE 9: $26,548 to pay Veterans’ Benefits in anticipation of reimbursement by the Commonwealth

ARTICLE 10: the annual Community Preservation Act appropriation

Committee Administrative Expenses, $16,472; Historic Resources Reserve, $32,944; Community Housing Reserve, $32,944; Open Space Reserve, $32,944; Estimated Budgeted Reserve, $214,134

ARTICLE 11: Entering into an inter-municipal agreement with the City of Newburyport for animal control services

ARTICLE 12: $81,042.50 to reduce the amount to be raised and appropriated in order to provide tax payer relief

ARTICLE 14: $1,937.46 to fund the Page School Phase II debt with an amortized amount of Bond Premium

ARTICLE 15: Establishing the Summer Recreation Program account as a Revolving Fund, effective fiscal 2014

ARTICLE 17: Amending the Groundwater Protection Map in the Zoning By-Laws to incorporate Byfield Water District Zone II, as requested by the Byfield Water District

ARTICLE 18: Amending language governing Open Space Preservation Development within the Zoning Bylaws

ARTICLE 19: Accepting an extension of Mechanic Street as part of the public way

ARTICLE 20: Adopting the Board of Building Regulations and Standards Stretch Code

Took no action

ARTICLE 13: Transferring the unexpended balance of the Summer Recreation Program up to $8,500 from FY 2013 to the Revolving Fund Summer Recreation Revolving account

ARTICLE 16: Amending language governing Site Plan Review in the Zoning By-Laws