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May 7, 2013

Government at a Glance

Rowley Annual Town Meeting

May 6, 2013


ARTICLE 1. To hear and act on reports of committees and boards.

ARTICLE 2. To see what instructions the town will give town officers.

ARTICLE 3. Suspendapplication of Section 19 and section 20 of the Town Meeting Bylaw pertaining to the reconsideration of all money articles.

ARTICLE 4. Fix the annual compensation of elective officers of the town.

ARTICLE 5. General Omnibus Budget.

ARTICLE 6. Appropriate $1,996,595 from the Water Department Enterprise Fund for FY2014.

ARTICLE 7. Transfer $117,570 from the Water Department Enterprise Fund to the General Fund.

ARTICLE 8. Create a Water Department Stabilization fund.

ARTICLE 9. Transfer $344,050 from Water Department free cash to the Water Department Stabilization Fund.

ARTICLE 10. Appropriate income from sales of electricity to private consumers or for electricity supplied to municipal buildings

ARTICLE 11. $3,500 from the Municipal Waterways Maintenance and Improvement Fund for use by the harbormaster.

ARTICLE 12. $500 to the cemetery commission for care of the graves.

ARTICLE 13. $30,000 for the state-mandated triennial recertification of all properties within the town.

ARTICLE 14: Authorize revolving funds and their uses for FY2014.

ARTICLE 15. Authorize not more than $20,000 for 375th Anniversary Committee.

ARTICLE 16. Transfer $53,439 from the Mass. Water Pollution Abatement Trust Septic Betterment Loan Program to pay the debt service on the loan.

ARTICLE 17. Community Preservation Committee recommendations: $15,012 to support affordable housing; $15,012 for the acquisition and preservation of open space; $15,012 for the acquisition and preservation of historical buildings and landscapes; $7,506 for administration; and $198,682 for debt service for the Bradstreet Farm land acquisition.

ARTICLE 18. $150,000 to be deposited into the Other Post Employment Benefits Trust.

ARTICLE 19. $200,000 to the Stabilization Fund.

ARTICLE 20. Amend the Zoning District Map Amendment on Assessors Map 14”, dated Jan. 17, 2012, revised Jan. 23, 2012, on filed with the Planning Board, consisted of a portion of Lot 34.

ARTICLE 21. Revise section of the Rowley Protective Zoning Bylaw.

ARTICLE 22. Amend the Rowley Protective Zoning Bylaw.

ARTICLE 23: Revise section 5.4 of the Rowley Protective Zoning Bylaw

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