, Newburyport, MA

January 15, 2013

Real estate transfers

Newburyport Daily News


13 3rd St.: O4M Dev LLC to Anthony Camacho, $324,900

28 Allenclair Drive: Robert A. and Jean R. Gaudette to Thomas D. Campbell and Jessica L. Bishop, $197,000

2 Birchmeadow Road: Richard C. Johns to Daniel P. Bryant, $300,000

30 California St.: Linda A. and Louis G. Pelletier to Mindy L. Chapman and Kathryn M. Phelan, $152,000

15 Haverhill Road: Steve and Marie Realty Trust and C S. Deorocki to Andrew Arizzi, $175,000

12 Hoyt Ave.: Raylene M. Rogers to Maura A. Steen, $268,000

148 Kimball Road: Thomas P. Hannon and Michelle M. Sullivan to Joel Marchitelli, $394,500

150 Main St.: George Danis RET and Audrey Danis to Patten Amesbury RT and James F. Patten, $300,000

19 Maple St., Unit 18: Mary V. Thomas Estate and Ronald J. Evans to Gary W. Corey, $76,000

6 Marshall Drive: Judith V. Boyle to Matthew W. and Crystal L. Liacos, $385,000

57 Middle Road: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Household Ent, $140,000

3 1/2 Orchard St.: Travis D. Scott to Elizabeth A. Hughes, $255,000

5 Powow St.: Barbara D. Collins to 5-7 Powow Street RT and Michael J. Picard, $130,000

98 South Hampton Road: Maureen L. Nichols to Nicholas Cracknell, $40,000

19 Woodwell Circle: Putnam RT and Douglas A. Macdonald to Jeffrey T. and Heather Becker, $500,000


4 Beverly Drive: Earl B. and Alyssa L. Dodge to Daniel C. and Jennifer Haas, $245,950

33 Pond St.: Wilfred and Donna J. Tapin to Wilfred Tapin, $130,000

170 West Main St.: Oak Hill Financial LLC to J&J Developers LLC, $144,000


2 Burke St.: Elayne J. Bowes to William J. and Donna M. Macdonald, $311,651

134 King St.: James R. Jacobs and USA Residential Props LLC to USA Residential Props LLC, $243,000

156 Main St.: Robert P. and Nancy A. Arkelian to David Archibald, $192,000

473 Main St.: Michael P. and Marie C. Dean to Karen Campiglio, $270,000

261 School St.: Amore Realty LLC to Dennis S. Fisher, $410,000

32 Uptack Road: David A. and Miriam L. Raymond to Matthew and Laura Clark, $316,000

45 Uptack Road: Walter S. and Dustine N. Mercy to Scott and Joni Johnson, $338,000

1 Wood St.: Beverly Grazio to Emily G. and Daniel A. Terry, $296,000


39 Bear Hill Road: Harold M. Belbin to Michael B. Sampou, $345,000


12 Central St.: Kyle E. and Meagan L. Hildebrand to Max Pilsmaker and Ashley Connerty, $295,000

42 Main St.: 42 Main Street RT and Robin P. Cogan to Anthony Lentz, $515,000

68 Main St., Unit 1: Robert and Lisa Halpin to Robert and Colleen Raiche, $205,000

19 Newman Road: Sadruddin B. Hemani to Bushee RT and Barry Coscia, $2,150,000

21 Newman Road: Sadruddin B. Hemani to Bushee RT and Barry Coscia, $2,150,000

24 Rolfes Lane: Adams Rl RT and Mark A. Depiero to David P. and Karen A. Reczek, $600,000

49 South St.: Mary M. Donald to Essex Cnty Greenbelt Association, $40,000

5 Withington St.: Paul E. and Deborah L. Morin to Elizabeth C. Morin, $240,000


13 Essex St.: Richard T. Fenton to Browns Square RT and Alfred G. Clifford, $600,000

33 Forrester St., Unit 33: Brian and Beth Deveney to Cindy L. Mazzaglia, $275,000

1 Lafayette Court: 1 Lafayette Court RT and Verne L. Blackwell to 1 Lafayette Court RT and James Coan, $440,000

1 Merrimac St., Unit 1 and 2: Paper Patch LLC to SRP Realty LLC, $385,000

1 Merrimac St., Unit 1and 2: Paper Patch LLC to SRP Realty LLC, $385,000

2 Perry Way: DLI LLC to River Valley Charter School, $4,350,000

11 Richardson Path: Springwell Investments LLC to Michael P. and Coleen A. Coletti, $522,145

14 Roosevelt Place: Michelle M. Grant to Brian and Beth Deveney, $350,000

14 Russia St.: Kathy M. Brislin to Milk Street RT and Alfred G. Clifford, $250,000

9 Woodland St.: Eric R. and Alyssa M. Leblanc to Anthony F. and Kallie Rossi, $435,000


136 Fenno Drive: David P. and Susan S. Crandall to Jeffrey and Holly Gagne, $574,250

708 Haverhill St.: Oak Hill Financial LLC to Jay I. and Patricia L. Trewern, $579,000

239 Main St.: Town of Rowley to Michael A. Sabatini, $285,001

364 Main St.: Christopher and Carmen Costello to Charles M. Free, $340,000

42 Summer St., Unit 1: Jeffrey E. and April E. Shewan to David P. and Catherine D. Gibbs, $150,000


23 Bayberry Lane: Chester L. Timmons to Rebecca A. Rebidue, $289,900

53 Dock Lane: 53 Dock Lane RT and David P. Twomey to Keith J. Perreault and Tricia J. Burnham, $225,000

167 Elm St., Unit K12: Storage Estates LLC to Thomas Schutz, $89,000

2 Fanaras Drive, Unit 2b: J&B Salisbury Realty LLC to American Kammann Inc, $352,000

59 Lafayette Road: Roger T. and Sandra P. Larsen to Main Street Animal Hospital, Inc., $380,000

10 Meaders Lane: Deborah Finochiaro to Matthew and Ashley Osborn, $226,500

127 North End Blvd.: 127 North Dev. LLC to Robert and Ashley Ranaldi, $309,000

5 Partridge Lane, Unit C: Salisbury Woods LLC to Theresa N. Poore, $235,000


33 Main St., Dough Done Right Realty LLC to 33 Main Street LLC, $275,000