, Newburyport, MA

January 17, 2013

Newburyport Building Permits

Newburyport Daily News

---- — NEWBURYPORT — The following is the December list of building permit recipients, property addresses, job descriptions and cost of the planned improvements:

Browns Wharf LLC/Adams Point, 40R Merrimac St., selective interior demolition, $11,500

Chiller/David, 4 Avon Ave., remodel a portion of the basement (no bedrooms), $15,000

Goguen/Renewal by Anderson, 32 Ferry Road, replace windows, $15,209

Acton/Kilkelly, 8 Merrimac Court, replace door and casement windows, $5,000

Andersen/Talbot, 340 Merrimac St., strip and re-roof, $130

Whitten, 150 State St., kitchen remodel and move windows, $4,000

Little/Ross, 2 Lorum St., remodel kitchen, install beam to open kitchen to dining room, add windows, $36,000

Igerman/Gillard, 83 High St., rebuild two chimneys to below roofline to 9 feet above, $19,000

Shippen/Sunbug Solar, 17 Summer St., install six solar panels, $8,220

Tartar/Mitchell/Ridenour, 29 Jefferson St., remove non-bearing wall between bedrooms, $5,125

Randall/Sunbug Solar, 140 State St., install solar panels, $28,017

Goodwin/Sunbug Solar, 61 Curzon Mill Road, install solar panels, $30,975

57 Lime St. Condominium, 57 Lime St., strip and re-roof, $10,830

Loughran, 8 William Hall Drive, remodel cellar for utility, office, storage, full bathroom, gym area and unfinished area, $45,000

Lagoulis/Ruth, 18 Fruit St., install 12 feet of flue liner into existing chimney, $1,550

Ferguson/Okun, 21 53rd St., kitchen remodel including one window, $11,572

5 Sylvester Realty Trust/Reddy, 5 Sylvester St., remodel kitchen, second-floor bathroom, master bedroom and full bath, deck and stairway, $20,000

Witzer, 38 Charles St., construct roof over front entry landing, $5,800

Lucey/Sunbug Solar, 35 Moulton St., install solar panels, $15,575

Sanborn/Kelleher, 22 Columbus Ave., construct two additions, $150,000

Fehlner, 6 Tyng St., construct two-story addition, $98,500

Crape, 16 Prospect St., spray foam close to roof rafters and collar ties, $3,750

Vasios/Tomolillo, 50 Spofford St., convert section of attic to office use, $11,480

Duong/Ngo, 25 Storey Ave., convert hair salon to manicure, pedicure, waxing salon, $41,500

Concoran, 15 Lucey Drive, cellar remodel to include laundry room, walk-in storage, gym, media room, three-quarter bath, $17,395

McCloud/Webb, 7 Newhall Lane, install carrying beam to open wall between rooms, $2,250

Shand/Comeau/Brian, 41-43 Warren St., install new windows and hardy plank siding, $30,000

Hilenski, 4 Cherry St., air sealing and insulation, $2,300

Bennet, 5 Coombs Circle, renovation to existing kitchen, pantry, sunroom, master bedroom, including new windows and one new door, $187,250

Brown’s Wharf LLC, 40R Merrimac St., enlarge mechanical room, new HVAC, new bathroom on second floor includes office build-out, $55,000

Snowdon, 56 Carter St., strip and re-roof, $2,800

Hurlin, 199 Merrimac St., install replacement windows, $2,150

Massey, 9 Sylvester St., strip and re-roof, $3,200

Evans/Chase, 2 Avon Ave., construct two rooms in cellar for an art room and game room (no bedrooms), $8,000

Daniels/Lopes, 174 Water St., strip and re-roof, $3,800

Stanwood/Kilkelly, 20 Pine St., install vinyl-clad, wood-frame window and gutters, $1,325

Carol/Sunbug Solar, 18 Ship St., install solar panels, $15,696

Lacroix, 14 Hill St. insulate cellar, blow-in attic insulation and air seal, $3,700

Hayden/Waterhouse, 4 Williamson Ave., construct one-story addition, $33,350

Flanagan, 14 Forrester St., air seal and insulation, $1,140

Kaplan/Michel, 14 Warren St., strip and re-roof front section of home, $3,400

Aussant, 7 Salem St., air sealing and insulation of outside walls of home, $4,136

Carosi/Ridenour, 38 Market St., convert half-bath/laundry room to three-quarter bath/laundry, $6,235

MiMi’s, 9 Liberty St., install a projecting sign, $400

Ceia Kitchen and Bar, 38 State St., install wall sign, $500

Urban Elements, 20 Pleasant St., install a wall sign and awning, $1,400

Stonewall Kitchen, 35 State St., install projecting and window signs, $1,834

Janco/Pearson, 18 55th St., construct two-story, single-family home, $326,236