, Newburyport, MA

February 12, 2013

Residents urged to return street listing forms

Merrimac Town Notebook, Warren P. Russo
Newburyport Daily News

---- — The annual street listing is now under way in Merrimac, and residents are urged to reply at their earliest convenience for a number of reasons.

First, these forms are required by state law to maintain the current voter rolls. Those not responding will be placed on the Inactive Voter List, which will require them to submit residency forms and provide proof of residency at the polls to vote in any election. Anyone who has not responded for a p eriod of four years and failed to vote in the last two state elections will be dropped from the voter lists.

All residents of the household should be listed, whatever their age. Children’s names and ages are not public records and will not be distributed, but the information is used for school department projections and state aid formulas. Household members serving in the military should also be listed, as this will enable them to receive absentee ballots, as well as make them eligible for certain bonuses reserved for Massachusetts residents, including lower rates at state colleges and universities.

If there is no political party affiliation next to a name on the street listing, then the person is not a registered voter in Merrimac. Residents who are not yet registered or who would like to change their party affiliation can do so in person or by mail, using forms available online, at the town clerk’s office, at the Registry of Motor Vehicles or at any city hall or town hall in the state.


Nomination papers have been filed for the following positions for the May 6 annual town election.

Town clerk — incumbent clerk Patricia True, and Ellen Miracle, assistant clerk.

Cemetery trustee — incumbent trustee Carol Ranshaw.

Papers circulating include:

Moderator — incumbent Robert Bender

Assessor — incumbent Louise Lingerman

Constable — incumbent Robert Turner.

Potential office-seekers are reminded that to run for office, papers must be taken out by 5 p.m. March 7 and returned by 5 p.m. on March 12.

A Candidate and Issues Forum will be held on Thursday, April 4, at 7 p.m. at the Council on Aging, East Main Street, to allow voters to meet the candidates, ask questions and learn about Town Meeting articles and ballot questions before voting.


Dog licenses for 2013 are available at the Merrimac town clerk’s office, and all dogs 6 months of age or older are required by state law to be licensed.

Price for spayed and neutered is $10. Non-spay or neutered charge is $20 per dog, and a current rabies certificate is required for all dogs to obtain a license.

All dogs in Merrimac must be licensed by April 1. Owners whose dogs are not licensed by June 1 will be charged an additional $20 late fee per dog.

Dogs may be licensed by mail by forwarding a copy of the rabies certificate along with a self-addressed envelope to receive the license, tag and certificate.


Clarification: It was reported in a Jan. 30 article that selectmen had voted to pay Peregrine Corp. $10,000 for budget/salary analysis. It should have said that Peregrine is already under contract for $10,000 to analyze an energy survey being performed by Ameresco. While the cost of the energy survey is unknown at this time, Ameresco’s promotional concept is to hold out the possibility of recouping the cost of its survey via reduced energy usage.


Correspondent Warren P. Russo covers Merrimac for The Daily News.