, Newburyport, MA

June 24, 2009

Three arrested on drug, assault charges

By Katie Curley

ROWLEY — A domestic incident over the weekend netted an additional arrest and new charges against two men of cultivating marijuana.

On Sunday night, police were called to 54 Haverhill St. for reports of a domestic assault. Peter Guy Lopes, 54, and Carol Ann Pike, 50, were seen arguing outside the home. Lopes told police Pike had thrown a juice bottle at him after an argument over whether you had to have "dirty urine" to get into a detox facility.

According to reports, after police separated Pike and Lopes, they continued to scream at each other in front of the house. Pike started yelling at police about Lopes' marijuana plants.

"Pike stated Lopes had pot plants at the house," according to the police report. "Lopes yelled back they belonged to AJ."

AJ was identified as Pike's son, Adam Pike, 23, who also lives at the house. Police told both Lopes and Carol Pike the investigation of the plants would be secondary to the domestic assault and battery investigation, and both were taken to the police station on charges of domestic assault and battery. Pike was additionally charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (the bottle).

At the station, police questioned both parties about the marijuana plants at the house.

"Lopes confirmed marijuana plants grow on the property," the police report read. "Lopes said there were 'not many,' 'more than one' and 'you guys knew they were there.'"

Police informed Lopes they believed he was under the influence of drugs, but Lopes refused to be tested or sign a consent form for police to search his home, police said.

Police then interviewed Pike, who told them there were 12 plants being grown by Lopes, police said.

"Pike said Lopes was growing them because of the rising prices due to decriminalization," according to the report. "The plants were in tomato-like potting."

Pike detailed how Lopes started the plants inside the kitchen windows on cookie sheets as seedlings before transferring them to pots and placing them on the porch during the day and taking them in each night. Pike said Lopes had recently cleared land and planted them in the ground, according to the police report.

"During the interview, Pike admitted to using alcohol and heroin and said her son and Lopes use heroin daily at the house," the report continued.

Rowley police obtained a search warrant for the home and said they found 12 marijuana plants, pills, hypodermic needles, dirty needles and street packaging for the sale of narcotics as well as a safe and a "hide" for what appeared to be a cocaine rock in the room of Adam Pike.

Adam Pike was placed under arrest on a charge of drug possession.

Yesterday, Lopes was additionally charged with cultivating drugs as well possession of class D drugs (subsequent offense), possession of class B drugs (subsequent offense), possession of class C drugs and possession of class E drugs.

Adam Pike was arraigned yesterday and charged with possession of class E drugs and is due back in court on July 14 for a pretrial.