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October 31, 2010

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Newburyport —

My Way Out

Setting the Scene is a new band formed in the summer of 2010, based in Byfield, MA. The band originally consisted of Justin Kelley, Carter Shelter, and Bobby McKenzie, all of them playing acoustic guitar and singing. They started out playing covers of other bands, but soon progressed to writing their own songs. In October of 2010, Nick Stevenson was added on keys. This addition solidified the lineup of the band, adding in the final element of sound needed. Setting the Scene is working on writing and recording music, and finding shows to play. The sound of Setting the Scene can’t really be described as any one genre. Their songs range from slow, sad love songs to upbeat reggae, crossing many other borders in-between. Their influences come from artists like John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Dave Matthews to bands such as Dispatch and Led Zeppelin. Their first song, My Way Out, was written by Justin and originally brought in for his and Carter’s previous band, Albatross. When it was brought to Setting the Scene, the arrangement was changed to what it is now. It features Justin on lead vocals. If you or someone you know wants their music to be considered for this page, please contact Jim Vaiknoras at