SEABROOK — A New Hampshire man is being held in Rockingham County House of Correction on $10,000 cash bail after picking the wrong house to rob on Monday, where after breaking in, he found an owner protecting her home with a gun, police said.

Christopher B. Duhan, 28, most recently of 147 Ashworth Ave., Hampton, was arraigned before Judge Sawako Gardner at Portsmouth District Court on Tuesday on a burglary charge brought by Seabrook police. If convicted, the B felony charge carries a possible sentence of from three-and-a-half to seven years in prison.

According to court documents, Seabrook police were called around noon on Monday by Deborah Comptois of 30 B St., who reported a burglary in progress. When officer Michael Cawley arrived, Comptois told him Duhan, a high school friend of her son, had been to the house twice. The first time, he knocked on the front door. The second time, he kicked in the back door and walked in.

While in another part of the house, Comptois heard the crash of the entry, she told Cawley, then she got her gun and went to the main part of the house where she heard someone moving around. Opening the door, she found Duhan, pointed her gun at him, told him to leave, then called police. Duhan was unarmed.

Seabrook put out an all-points bulletin over Rockingham County for Duhan's small, black vehicle, said Detective and Prosecutor Scott Mendes, and within about 20 minutes, Hampton police spotted the car in front of the hotel in Hampton on Ashworth Avenue where Duhan was living.

Hampton police kept watch until Mendes and Seabrook Detective Daniel Lawrence arrived to take Duhan into custody.

According to court documents, Comptois told police when she confronted Duhan, he told her he'd just been in court. She also told police she knew that Duhan was addicted to drugs and had been stealing to support his habit.

Mendes said at the arraignment, he advised Judge Gardner that Duhan was drug dependent.

Mendes confirmed Duhan had been in Hampton District Court the morning of the alleged burglary, where he was facing charges of driving while intoxicated (second offense) brought by the Hampton Police Department. In addition, Mendes said, Duhan was out on bail on charges of receiving stolen property.

Duhan is scheduled for a probable cause hearing at Hampton District Court in Seabrook on April 27.