MERRIMAC — The following is a list of building permit recipients, contractors when applicable, property address, a job description and permit fees. The town does not record estimated construction value. Permit fees are calculated by the square foot and the location of the planned construction.

Charles and Laurel Sweeney, Roger Payette, 10 Lincoln St., proceed with specified repairs to dwelling due to storm damage, including roof strip and reshingle, porch and trim, etc., $128.

Jody Lane, 17 Champion St., strip shingles off roof of dwelling; apply new roof shingles, $50.

Mike Curtin, 7 Forest St., proceed with removal and replacement of one window and one door in dwelling; related repairs to Gibson Wall Board (sheetrock), etc., $30

Stephen and Jen Mailot, John F. Losi Jr., 12 West Hadley Road, proceed with second-floor addition to dwelling with remodel of existing first floor and basement per submittal plan, etc., $972.

Sharon and Tim Henderson, 4 Summer St., proceed with kitchen cabinet and countertop replacement in dwelling; install two replacement windows, etc., $60.

Dawn and Don Ackerman, Todd Michel, 42 Harriman Road, proceed with construction of porch roof assembly over existing deck platform per submittal plan, $30.

Douglas Kelly, 25 Bear Hill Road, proceed with various specified improvements to entire first and second floor of dwelling, replace roof shingles, etc., $456.

Bridgewell, Gary Lariviere, 40 Church St., install a temporary project sign on lot at specified location, to be removed at time of occupancy certification, $30.