, Newburyport, MA

June 7, 2014

Alice E. (Gormley) Martino, 96

Haverhill — Alice Elizabeth (Gormley) Martino, 96, was born March 24, 1918 in Lowell, Mass., raised in Newburyport, Mass. The death of Alice Martino took place only hours after the death her middle child, Janet (Tilton) Finocchiaro, of St. Petersburg, Fla. on June 3, 2014 at 10 p.m. Janet is survived by her husband, Raymond Finocchiaro; a daughter, Donna Marie Welch; and son, Joseph Finocchiaro, both of Flordia; three grandchildren, Sara, Daniel and Josephine. Janet was well-liked and and a seamstress for years in Methuen and North Andover. A team player with her mother, Alice. Janet and Raymond, she lived many years in Methuen, before residing in St. Petersburg, Fla. Alice Elizabeth Martino, 96, died on June 4, 2014 at 3 p.m. Alice’s parents settled in Lowell, which was the original settlement of their great-gandfather’s family, Frederick Marshall Smith Jr., whom was a modified business man within the industry of plumbing. The family would remain there until 1924 before moving back to their parents’ birth place in Newburyport and Newbury. Alice grew up as an energetic child with thoughts of being successful. Her ambitions in Science, English and History were strong. Alice became a Patrol Guard for her class, and a dabbler at science projects, especially astronomy. Alice enjoyed writing stories and history projects with ease. Alice’s favorite aunt was Dorothy (Smith) Sowry, who seemed to be like a second mother to her over the years. Alice was a good student all the way through school within the Newburyport area. Alice always had great expectations for herself and others. She enjoyed speaking out on things, and in later years, she wanted to go to Essex Aggie for some kind of professional schooling for her great sewing talent. Alice soon married Leonard Tilton and her school days ended for a time. They had two loving daughters, Beverly and Janet. Alice became involved as a WPA Worker and her sewing talents soon came out larger than life. Alice took sewing classes and engaged in factory sewing projects and held numerous positions such as making blouses, jackets and, later, that profession brought her towards greater success. Later years, during the early 1950s, Alice was introduced to Henry Joseph Martino of Lawrence and Methuen, families of origin through a longtime friend, Anthony Savinelli, of Lawrence, as well. Henry Joseph Martino was a orchestra leader and Music Ranger within the Greater Lawrence, Boston area, as a performer. They married and soon a daughter, Adelaide Frances Martino was born. Alice later became employed through Economy Cleaners of Lawrence for 15 years, Master Craft Cleaners of North Andover and Andover. Alice created a dress for the Andover Charlie Girls that made her profession blossom as a well-known tailor with the Andovers. Alice went back to school and completed 1.5 years of college at Northern Essex in Haverhill, beginning 1998-1999, first with completing her four-year of high school and graduating May 1988. Her test scores were very high in English and science, which put her over the top. In the fall of 1988, she attended her first year at Northern Essex Community College. Alice had taken second year courses in English, psychology and history. She passed her first year with a B. She completed half a year, until her hearing impairment changed events for graduation. Alice was like a team player with me during my political activity from 1972-1990. She attended political activity with her daughter, Adele, since 1972 as Adele’s career in government and politics began to soar. Alice enjoyed debates with family over party politics as years continued, getting in her feelings, as she was a Democrat, no doubt. Alice grew up with a Republican mother and a Democratic father. Adele got into the act early on as she continued to make waves as her mother, Alice, as her ambitions have continued to ring far and wide. Alice seemed to get involved with another one of Adele’s ambitions in her Pillsbury family history. Alice seemed to become involved in her daughter, Adele’s plight no matter what she was drawn into. Alice was a mother and a friend to her Janet and Alice. Janet was born June 22, 1938, prior to my sister, Beverly Tilton Viel, who died on April 4 2012. Heart broken of her death, born April 13, 1937, both sisters were born in Newburyport. Beverly and her husband, Oscar Viel Jr. resided in Rowland Heights, Calif., before her moving to Colorado. I know that her death as well was sudden and we never got say goodbye to her as well. Her children and grandchildren reside in Colorado, Eileen Marie Viel Anderson, John Viel and David Viel in Florida. Beverly left behind as well her granddaughter, Darlene; and two great-grandchildren, Matthew and Cheyene. Beverly was a woman of many words and ideals. We miss her to this day. Survivors include Adele Martino of Haverhill; and sister, Eileen Hogan of California.

ARRANGEMENTS: Friends and family are respectfully invited to call on Saturday morning, today, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., at the Kevin B. Comeau Funeral Home, 486 Main St., Route 125, Haverhill. Funeral services will follow the period of visitation immediately at 12 p.m. in the funeral home. Please visit Comeau Funeral Home on Facebook, or