, Newburyport, MA

November 19, 2009

Today's Santa Fund donors

Today's Date: Nov. 19, 2009

Today's Total: $515.00

Total to Date: $7,143.40

Happy Holidays to all our Friends and Family, from Dexter and Marge Greer$50

Deutche Elf, from Albert Hertrich$10

Happy Holidays, from Gloria Viola$10

In memory of the Waters and Bresnahan families, from Dorothy Bresnahan$25

Merry Christmas, from John and Jean Cook$10

Sara Schmitt$20

In loving memory of Morris and Freda Pellegrino, from Millie, Katie, Margaret and Rose Marie$25


Lisa Malsky$25

In memory of our daughter Cindy, from the Vallera Family$50

Mr. and Mrs. George Provencal$10


Gerald Goldman$10

Russell and Nancy Girard$15

In memory of the Indoccio and Zampelli families, from Joseph Indoccio$10

In memory of TPR. Edward A. Mahoney, from your beloved wife, Tina$25


James and Beth Cronin$20

For all dearly departed, and health and best wishes to family and friends this season! from Patricia DeSantis$50